Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do the riot thing, or maybe #shitjustgotreal ?

It is morally right to rebel. The Black community of Baltimore exercising " the voice of the unheard" to use the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King got a lot of people's attention while avoiding the pitfalls of the classical American riot. As far as I observe the damage done to the infrastructure was minimal, Baltimore won't be crippled for a generation like Los Angeles was. The cops murdered a Black man and were made to pay for it. Twenty were reported hospitalized, several with "serious" injuries. But the media won't have a cop funeral, which is a good thing. Several rival "gang" members came together to help the rebellion preserve its gains, and prevent "suicide by cop" (and National Guard). Sympathy actions took place in several cities where progressive people are having to grapple with the problem of how to stop the cops from being cops. Protest being fine but more strategic thinking, planning and action forcing themselves onto the agenda. A long and winding road lies ahead.

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