Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 21st - London cabbies are great. They will be mobilized for what is a fight for civilization itself.

London cabbies are true professionals. Training for the London taxi drivers license is as rigorous as the training for any profession anywhere on earth.

The Knowledge - what London cabbies know about the geography of London, a most intricate layout of any city anywhere matters. In this video a London cabbie beats SAT NAV across London. These upstanding representatives of their city and their nation are in and epic battle with forces of barbarism, led by and symbolized by Uber. #Uber is out not only to wreck the lives of the London cabbies and their families, Uber is out to cheapen and dumb down work, rob work of its God given dignity and deepen the enslavement of working people. The London cabbies are upholding the banner of civilization itself, against barbarism just like their parents and grandparents did.

#Uber (Ubermenschen or supermen) signifies the notion of superior human beings born to be served by the Untermenschen (less than men.) #Uber takes its inspiration from Nietzschean philosophy, the philosophical wellspring of fascism. Their dishonesty, disregard for the laws that others follow, their contempt for labor, their enslavement and super exploitation of the drivers_ hallmarks of Nietzschean fascism.

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