Thursday, April 9, 2015

Uber's ambiguous impact on my life so far. The hustlers now have a pimp....
It's a mixed bag so far. Uber has recruited scads of drivers including from the garage I lease from, and for the time being that is a plus. They don't yet take many passengers compared to the yellow taxis, and probably are taking some no tip, low tip fares to remote places where I likely wouldn't find a truly remunerative fare, one that brings me into or closer to the yellow taxis home territory- lower Manhattan and LaGuardia airport at a busy time.
Now it's also true, or so it seems, that when Bloomberg brought in the Green taxis and Uber, enforcement against black car drivers stealing my income picked up, so it's as though the hustlers now have an app and it pimp, namely Travis Kalanick, Ubermensch of the Ubermenschen.

So now just like I need a pimp (medallion owner in my case) in order to work the street, so now do the Black Car hustlers need a pimp (and an app).
A taxi driver ironically named Travis giving a pimp who probably is not a Travis something to suck on.


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