Monday, January 25, 2016

A little refresher course, or guide to the perplexed, regarding David Duke

Gilad Atzmon writes in defense of David Duke: He also says that David Duke knows more about Jewish Identity than he does.
Image result for gilad atzmon“I read him and I was shocked to find out that this guy knows more about Jewish identity than I do! … David Duke is a humanist because he says, ‘I want to celebrate my right and you should celebrate your rights’ whether you are Muslim or black or whatever. He believes that all people should celebrate their rights, this is his current philosophy.”
Gilad Atzmon testified as an "Expert Witness" at Arthur Topham’s criminal trial. I support Arthur Topham's right to believe and say anything he wants to (barring slander, shouting "fire " in a crowded theater when three is no fire, etc.)

Attorney Barclay Johnson:  But how does this model help this court to further its understanding the case of Arthur Topham or the accusation of hate speech?

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: As I mentioned before, categories 1 & 2 are totally innocent. And indeed, no one really criticises Neturei Karta (Torah Jews) or Satmar Jews in related to Israeli crimes in Palestine. These two ultra orthodox Jewish groups made it clear that they oppose the crimes committed by the Jewish State and Zionism. Moreover, nowadays, no one really criticises Jews as a race, biology or ethnicity. What we do see is opposition Jewish politics and ideology. However and this is crucial. In the West we tend to believe that every politics & ideology must be subject to political and ideological criticism. My Lord, if every form of politics and ideology must be subject to criticism, this rule must be applied also to Jewish politics and ideology, and as far as I can tell, Jewish politics and ideology deserves a lot of criticism.

 I happen to agree with Atzmon that Jewish politics, Judaism, Jewish culture, all things Jewish can be criticized and there are certainly lots of things to criticize. I see though a real charlatan. I'm talking about his attacks on the Boycott, Divest and Sanction campaign against Israel as well as his tendency to spout out about things he is ether ignorant of (like David Duke Reborn) or willing to lie about.

Many years ago back in the 80's while driving a taxi I once stopped for a stereotypical New York Street Pimp. I was heavily bearded and hairy, presenting a not easily forgotten image of a New York City cabbie. ( Most cabbies were of South Asian origin and if not clean shaven, certainly different looking from me.)

The pimp told me that I had stopped for him before in a completely separate part of town weeks earlier. I hsd no recollection.  I often picked up Black men, some garishly dressed. But he typically had such a hard time getting a taxi driver to stop for him that he remembered me clearly. He offered to buy me dinner. He even told me to keep the meter running.

We went to a West Side diner. There sat four of his women. He offered that I could be their steady driver, to take them back to their motel every early morning. Me being down for learning experiences, I accepted.  I wanted to understand the psychological hold he had on these women.

A couple of years later I came by the usual spot and they were nowhere to be seen. I asked around, and found out that they had pulled up stakes and relocated to somewhere in Canada. I never saw them again.

So, by what psychological pull were these women under this man's sway? They actually were physically free to come and go, and in fact one did.

I never figured it out but something tells me Gilad Atzmon has the secret that eluded me. How else could an Israeli Jew who opposes Boycotting Israel, and who slanders Boycott organizers build a flock of followers who accept him as an enemy of Israel and a friend of Palestine?

And so, that we understand clearly: Gilad Atzmon is in favor of all forms of severe pressure on Israel except what is possibly the most important and effective action people who are not on the front lines can do : Isolate Israel in every possible manner.

Above is Atzmon's accusation.  WHERE IS THE PROOF GILAD ATZMON??

Oh no, Gilad Atzmon doesn't attack anyone. He just accuses them of selling out the Palestinians in return for a bribe from George Soros.

Okay this was ten years ago, but by that time "the New, sensitive New Age David Duke" had left behind his burning crosses, his swastikas and what he called "the cow pasture." , Donning a suit and tie he went into the hotel rooms.

New Orleans Descends into Savagery

 Police officers subdue rampaging criminals
New Orleans descends into Africa-like Savagery
Roving gangs of African-Americans raid nursing homes for the elderly and even children’s hospitals!
An urgent and rushed article from David Duke
Most people have seen videos depicting the brutality and inhumanity of the African tribal uprisings and lawlessness. Now you don’t have to watch a video shot in Africa, just look at the many videos from an historic and once beautiful American city, New Orleans.
Some people react to catastrophe with a sense of responsibility, giving and sacrifice, others react in a way that more resembles rampaging wild animals than humankind.
The New Orleans looting, robbery, rape, murder and mayhem is not about food and water. There are many distribution points. Absolutely no one is starving. No one is dying of thirst, save perhaps for a few hopelessly trapped in their attics from the risen waters. No this mayhem is about the morals in a man, not the amount of food in his stomach.....

All this lying blather about African Savagery and White Genocide was actually lifted by Duke from the New York Daily News, owned by one Mortimer Zuckerman.

Image result for new york daily news hurricane katrina front page

White Genocide in New Orleans

Mass Racial Attacks Against Whites in New Orleans

Whites in New Orleans are Facing Rape and murder at the Hands of Black Mobs
by David Duke
Friday, September 2, 2005
I can’t believe I am writing these words. I am always careful not to overstate things, not to exaggerate. I’m not exaggerating now. All the things I have written about and warned about for years are coming true in a great American city in the very moments you read these words.
I lost my family home (since childhood) in New Orleans. The water is up to the attic. My daughter lost her car and all her possessions. Fortunately, we were not in New Orleans when the storm hit.
Even with those heart wrenching losses, my daughter and I are among the lucky ones.
Many thousands of European Americans are not so lucky. They now face absolute terror. And because of a near blackout of the press, most people, outside of the ones who are under seige, don’t even know that these Whites are being racially targeted. The victims have no way to communicate their plight to the outside world....

Pity poor Israel Shamir, he had tried so hard to convince David Duke that he is no longer a Jew. The Dukester just wasn't buying it,though he did give Izzy a pat on his kinky head.

Israel Shamir on Jewish Generalization

(left) Israel Shamir, a very Jewish Israeli citizen and former member of the Israeli army speaks about and against Jewish supremacism and how opposition to to it is stifled by sophistry and hypocrisy — a fascinating piece that is instructive for both Gentiles and Jews alike — David Duke
Or How to Argue Your Case with Jews

by Israel Shamir
We shall win the war if and when we win the argument. This has been my conviction since 1991, when I witnessed how the mighty nuclear superpower collapsed because they lost a philosophical dispute. In the battle for Palestine the same rule may apply. Our adversary is protected by mighty Stealth technology made out of best sophisms but he has his Achilles’ Heel, and Apollo may still point it out to our archer Paris.
Recently we published a tongue-in-cheek essay by Joh Domingo Philo-Semitic Attacks on the Rise and received many responses. The Jewish responses were expectable and they could be summed by one line: “You can’t say anything valid about Jews because we all are different“. Probably you have encountered this line....

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why I fear for Bernie Sanders' Life

Some people think that I am against Bernie Sanders. In a sense they are right. Bernie Sanders says he's about restoring faith in "the system. " I believe that the system is played out.

Bernie Sanders doesn't oppose American Exceptionalism - the doctrine that holds the United States to be near perfect, an example for all others and possessing the right - nay, the responsibility - to correct other nations. Its modern day corollary is the Wolfowitz Doctrine, also called "Full Spectrum Dominance " the operating philosophy that justifies our country having a military force surpassing the power of the next eight military powers combined. The doctrine justifies United States overt and covert operations against virtually every other nation state. You remember that the NA spies on virtually every smartphone,  tablet and Internet connected computer on earth leading a spy partnership called "Five I's" or "Five Eyes" consisting of US, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealander spy agencies (plus another affiliated eye, Israel.)

No one who would oppose this concensus outright could be elected County Dog Catcher, let alone United States Senator.  So, without claiming to know Sanders and his heart of hearts, I appreciate some things he's said and done:

1- When asked to name the number one "security threat" to the United States he named "climate change " and not Iran, Russia,  China,  ISIS, or Venezuela.  I call that "pushing the consensus envelope."

2- He opposed the imposition of a "No Fly Zone" in Syria.

3- He was the first Senator to announce that he would boycott Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress that called for war against Iran and was a racism tinged insult against the first non-white President of the United States.

And then there is this:

I see a very threatening New York Post front page. A message from Rupert Murdock,  owner of Fox News.

Consider the following,  the cases of Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan,  John Heinz,  Jerry Litton, Hale Boggs, Mickey Leland and even Omar Torrijos.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Matthew Daus of Windels and Marx, An Apology To New York City Taxi Drivers Would Be Good For Your Soul

Hacking the facts: Commish's bogus fare-cheat claim defamed city cabbies

Taxi & Limousine Commission Chairman Matthew Daus leaves office this week the author of what will be an enduring urban legend: that New York taxi drivers stole $8 million from unwitting passengers.
They didn't. Nice work, Mr. Daus.
Daus, whose legacy includes having introduced annoying backseat TV screens and a credit card payment system that costs cabbies money every time it's used, claimed two weeks ago that he had discovered a massive scam: He had caught thousands of yellow cabbies red-handed. More than 35,000 hacks had at least once improperly charged the suburban rate when only the city rate was warranted.
"It's very disturbing," Daus said.
"Some of these people could face serious charges," chimed in Mayor Bloomberg.
How did Daus know? By analyzing the data from GPS devices that the TLC had demanded be installed in every cab. A careful look at the numbers, he said, proved that drivers had wrongly set the sophisticated new meter - another Daus innovation - to the suburban rate.
The notion seemed preposterous to us from the beginning. Sure, some cabbies were prone to cheat - but that many? Couldn't it have been an error? Where was the proof of fraud?
On Monday came a bit of truth from Daus before a City Council hearing: "It may have simply been a mistake by the driver," he conceded, and the number of cheats "is going to be a lot smaller" than the tens of thousands he initially pegged, and sometimes the wrong button was pressed but it didn't increase the fare.
Daus will no doubt make a good living for himself in the private sector, or wherever he lands. But where do the city's hardworking hacks go to get their reputations back?