Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I got victimized by a drug addled little make believe wigger trust fund kid and one of Tony Soprano's crew.

She wouldn't close the door, he wanted to assert his right of way. It didn't end well for me or the door. Cops came, took reports, finally let me go. I have to say something good about a cop. While paper work was getting done one of the cops spotted a homeless man sleeping on a door still. I figured he was going to chase the poor guy. What he did was give the poor guy dinner- two dinners in fact. I commended him then and there and doing it again now. An African American officer, his name might be P.O. Tiguena, of the 28th precinct. Triguena signed my copy of the police report and the Black officer gave me the paperwork. Giving the poor guy dinner and not harassing him.  That was a decent thing to do. We live in a city without a heart. This one cop this one time did something surprisingly decent good and kind hearted. Second time I personally saw or know personally the homeless Black ex taxi driver friend of mine who was given ten dollars by two white transit cops who if either of them had felt like it could even had killed him and get away with murder. They didn't though.

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