Friday, April 10, 2015

#Uberstalked #Uber drivers can have your last name too.

A most interesting article about Uber! This article is a year old but I'll bet it's as much news to you as it was to me when I stumbled on it yesterday. 

Now, women getting sexually harassed by Uber drivers is not the newest news, but holy guacamole, did you know that a fired Uber driver- fired due to your complaint - can get your last name and track you down?


Olivia Nuzzi at The Daily Beast  got so weirded out by this strange, strange Uber driver that she felt like she had to make a complaint. As a New Yorker she could have called 311 and complained to the Government agency that licensed the driver to transport people for money- the Taxi and Limousine Commission- but that probably didn't occur to her, or perhaps she thought that a complaint to Uber would be more efficient and effective. She made a mistake, because they fired the guy, told him about her complaint, and gave him her complete name which he put to use. You should read her story by using the URL at the top of the article.

Now, at least here in New York City Uber is under enough government supervision that they put drivers with TLC licenses on the streets. By complaining to Uber you are not putting the license itself at question, so in a case where Uber fires a driver the driver can be working for another service that very same day, assuring that he'll have an opportunity to do his thing that same day.

So.If an Uber driver or any driver for hire breaks the rules in .re York and its enough to make a complaint the effective and efficient way to do it is to call the TLC at 311. If you've been #Ubered elsewhere, good luck!

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