Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To the #NYPD cabbies are garbage.

Here you have a yellow cab driver who was assaulted by "customers." Cops showed up, threatening to arrest the driver, they released the felons who are probably sharing a good laugh over it with their friends.

Here a racist cop who didn't know he was being videotaped by #Uber passengers, let out a foul mouthed racist tirade at a defenseless Uber driver. Must have been therapy for the pig. NYPD is protecting the pig's identity and have farmed out the "investigation" to the no-can-do's at the (laughable) Civilian Complaint Review Board, who have no authority to make the anonymous pig answer any questions, and whose findings are usually ignored by the NYPD Commissioner.

As a cabbie I have been insulted by on duty cops and harassed by cop passengers, one who refused to pay full fare. I know that non whites and immigrants get even worse from the NYPD pigs.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stereotypical behavior, model minorities and my world tonight

Stereotypical behavior: I think that there is some truth in stereotypes though it is wrong and unfair to put someone who you don't know into a bag, especially a negative bag. Some stereotypes are positive, but "model minority" is A backhanded slap against the two largest minorities in our country. Anyhow the poster child model minority these days I suppose is "Asian American."
(Roll the video.)

Why #Uber is not ready for prime time.

Let's try logic: There's good reason it's against the law for a driver to use an electronic device unless he is legally parked or standing. Not stopped at a red light, not double parked, not anything but legally parked or standing! It's to protect the public from accidents. In New York City it's even stricter for livery drivers like Ubers and taxi drivers. They aren't even allowed to use HANDS FREE PHONES even though some take their chances with the cops, the TLC  and fate risking their licenses and being the cause of an accident.

A New Jersey judge ruled that if you text someone who is driving you could be liable for any damages he might cause in and accident. So what makes anyone think that they can call their Uber on a telephone?

The Uber app very often does not show the customer the driver's true location and vice versa.

That, dear people puts the reason Uber is not ready for prime time into a nutshell!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Owned and #Ubered - New York City mayor de Blasio

Mayor de Blasio gets roasted by Louis c.k. at the Inner Circle. #Visionzero is and will continue to be a joke as long as taxi and Livery drivers are allowed to fiddle with multiple drivers e hail apps while chasing after customers.

Dr Blasio can't be expected to stand up for his supposed goal and principle of not having any more traffic fatalities in New York City. Until then our Mayor is #owned by #Uber.

Is #Uber getting #Ubered by Google or will it be the other way around?

Bloomberg reported that Google and Uber are going to war. They used to be friends. Now, while Bloomberg has to show impartiality as a news provider it should be understood that Michael Bloomberg has a sizable stake in Uber (correction, it's Lyft). His friend David Yassky got a consultancy job with Lyft soon after he left his job as Chair of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission after Bloomberg left as Mayor.

Knowing that, the article says that Google is working on its own taxi e hail app and that in spite of having invested around $300 million into Uber the two tech companies are working against each other on developing a Driverless Car, something Google says will be ready for prime time in from two to five years.

Uber depends on Google maps and there really isn't a map out there that comes close.

Google has made deals with Pandora, AirBNB, and Lyft to share data with Android users on Google Now.

Uber is apparently out in the cold on this deal. Uber is working with Carnegie Mellon university in Pittsburgh on its Driverless Car, but it's not likely that they can catch up with Google.

Given the prevailing reptilian moral code that Uber personifies but that is the ethical baseline in politics and journalism world wide Google had better watch its back. Just as the driver app in Uber and the rest is a public safety threat engendering armadas of distracted drivers on the streets and highways Uber can be relied upon to put its Driverless Car onto the road first, "ready or not." Doubtless the authorities will have been taken care of through a blend of blackmail and bribery and thanks to corruption the carnage will begin.

Personally I unhappily recognize that the Driverless Car is an inevitable development. My objections count for nothing and technological advances won't be stopped. However I will say "Look out world for the not ready for prime time Driverless Car."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

#Uber's Josh Mohrer and me.

A couple of years ago taxi hail apps were new and I had the notion that they were the inevitable wave of the future. Here in New York it looked like a contest between HAILO and Uber. Josh Mohrer had invited a driver from my garage to dinner (not me) and HAILO (unlawfully) solicited drivers at La Guardia airport. The competition was intense. Being of Jewish heritage and old enough to recall who the bad guys were in WORLD WAR TWO I simply couldn't get behind any company that called itself by the Nietzschean name Uber. And so, I bought my first smartphone and linked up with HAILO. After a few days I became convinced that HAILO's driver app was a public safety menace and eventually the Guardian on line accepted an article I submitted about the taxi app public safety menace. I also had my own blog from which I railed against HAILO and promoted my Guardian piece. I got tweeted by Josh Mohrer about all this- he was appreciative. I told him that I could never affiliate with a company going by the Nazoid handle "Uber." He told me his father is a "Holocaust survivor" (I suppose I could make a case for calling myself one too, but I don't). Josh Mohrer told me that his Holocaust survivor father just loves the name Uber and in fact "Uber" is part of the English language lexicon and has no fascistic tinge associated with it.

Then I went by #Uber NYC headquarters in Long Island City and low and behold, what did I see!? UBER has six bases in New York City and here are their names:
Uber (meaning superior)
Unter (meaning inferior)

Now I am not anti German, I see that Germany accepted the fact that they needed to  be pacifistic and repentant for things they did not only against Jews. Strange though, Uber is not a German import. It's a California based startup gone viral, and it's founder Travis Kalanick is not German. Yet he's very preoccupied with words Nietzschean and Germanic. Matched with his "Take no prisoner" style I get a queezy feeling about Josh Mohrer. I imagine Kalanick would have anticipated objectors like me, and he would want someone in New York City with a Jewish name, someone loudly and clearly Nationalistically Jewish, and that's Josh Mohrer. I get the feeling that there was not all that much anti Nietzschean flack after all. So many Jews and Gays and non Aryans of all stripes either missed the implications or decided to keep their mouths shut.
With its shady and hyperaggressive approach and its gross dishonesty and exploitation of drivers I find it unfortunate that their New York City frontman is someone like Josh Mohrer.

Uber app negligent assault victim sues, we can't wait to be protected by the law from Uber. We need legislation by our representatives and case - by - case enforcement by the NYPD.

Erin Sauchelli filed a lawsuit against Uber because she was struck by an Uber car whose driver was distracted by the Uber driver app. Uber is culpable for willful negligent assault on Erin Sauchelli and willful negligent homicide against Wesley Mensing.

While it is good to see a victim  of Uber's mayhem for money stand up and fight back we cannot ignore the fact that Uber has eighteen billions of dollars behind it. Justice is notoriously slow and for sale.

Therefore we need two things right now. One, we need the cops to do real investigations of crashes - involving e hail apps and cell phones and we need to see criminal charges against the drivers filed.

Second we need legislation banning these apps. We also need to sweep out the TLC Commissioners who willfully ignored the driver app public safety menace. This post is going to be tweeted to every NYPD office every District Attorney in the five boroughs, and every City Council member that uses Twitter. Uber has been getting away with murder and it's time to call a halt.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Your Uber password could be for sale, and that's not all...


The last four digits of your credit card along with the expiration date are easy to get once someone has bought your Uber user name and password. And if you use that same password for other accounts Oh brother! You've got an #Uberproblem ! #Uberinformation is on sale for as little as an anonymous dollar per account, available in bulk online.
Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas
It's not clear how many accounts are out there. It's also not clear whether the security breach is due to a moral or a technical failure. Given the widely understood reptilian code of ethics that prevails at Uber it's anyone's guess.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wesley Mensing killed by #Uber driver. Was it an accident or an incident?

Uber's insurance "has gaps" says L.A. insurance lawyer.

Some questions that might not have been asked in the killing of Wesley Mensing by an #Uber driver:
We know that he didn't have a customer on board when the incident occurred but was he on his phone with a customer? Was he using the driver app? Was he a distracted driver? Did the police even try to get this information?

 Because Uber technology is not always accurate, and because some people don't know how to use it there are many Uber drivers on their phones with customers while driving. Taxi and Limousine Commission rules are explicit and stricter than the law for drivers in general. NO TELEPHONE USE OF ANY KIND INCLUDING HANDS FREE PHONES ARE PERMITTED. Is this enforced by the Taxi and Limousine Commission for e hail drivers??

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT #UBER DRIVERS ARE ON THEIR PHONES WHILE DRIVING!!! #Uber, #Sidecar, #Lyft could not function without drivers who are acting unlawfully.

Uber's Josh Mohrer probably has my answer

I've got to lead off with an apology to Josh Mohr who I mistakenly named as the New York boss of Uber a few hours ago. Sorry for the mistake Mr. Mohr. I meant Josh Mohrer.

I put out a post about the killing of Wesley Mensing by an #Uber driver. Mohr is not connected with the tragic death of the young golf instructor. Josh Mohrer, now that is a horse of a different color.

You see, Josh Mohrer ought to have certain knowledge - was Uber driver Aliou Diallo using his phone or his Uber driver app while driving, and was he doing that while or immediately prior to running down young Wesley Mensing and Wesley's girlfriend Erin Sauchelli.

I'm asking Josh Mohrer this question because it's been reported that Dialo was either or both coming off a customer trip and on his way to a customer. Because the app often fails to show the driver the accurate location of the customer to the driver and because it conversely fails to show the customer the driver's true location very frequently one uses the app to make contact with the other. EVERYONE knows that when that happens most often the driver is NOT safely and legally parked or standing, but is in traffic. Your Uber mega billions of dollars valuation wouldn't be were these calls not being made. Having a driver tap an icon whereby he promises not to do this is baloney, as everyone would agree.

Your drivers do some data entry as well.

The #Uber app is not ready for prime time when it comes to public safety but there is so much money involved and the tap app get ride fad seems to be psychologically addictive, sort of like weed.

Responsible authorities would never have given the green light to any of the e hail apps but everyone knows that we don't have any of them.

So look in the mirror, Josh and decide to tell the truth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The happiest countries on earth are Latin American


So says the Gallup poll as reported in the latest International Business Times. Of special interest to me is the fact that Venezuela ranks high as it has year after year. (The seventh most happy country on earth.) I am married to a Venezuelan woman and I spent the months of November, December and January there. It's my hope to return and spend many more happy days there.
Venezuela, with all of its well known problems, with the high crime rate, lines of shoppers seeking de facto rationed milk, corn flour, toilet paper and other necessary items is a happy place!? How can this be?
Gallup asked people if they felt they had gotten enough rest yesterday, if they had been treated with respect the whole day, had learned something or done something interesting, had smiled and laughed and if they had experienced positive emotions like satisfaction.

So, let's leave Venezuela's problems to the Venezuelans. They don't appear to need lessons from anyone about how to live.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Uber's SCAM gets nailed by Vonetta.

Uber's exploitation of drivers gets nailed by Vonetta.

Vonetta Logan's breath of truth is a breath of fresh air. 

Even animals have morals

Sociopaths rule.

Would you believe? An empathic rat!

I wonder if they have sociopathic ones too. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I just can't let this #scumbag get away with murder.

Every one knows that Uber drivers get phone calls from passengers while they are in transit. This is because the apps are not perfect, and not everyone uses the apps correctly.

The reason it's illegal to be on the phone while driving should be.pretty damned obvious.

Now in New York City we have thousands of drivers who use two or more driver apps simultaneously. We know that the police do cursory perfunctory investigatios of vehicular accidents. They don't want to know that a driver was on his phone. They don't want to know that a driver was inputting a customer review while driving.

The rules for taxi and livery drivers are stricter than the law for drivers in general. There's good reason, beyond the revenue raising side of traffic enforcement. People get hurt, even killed, though due to half ass investigation and record keeping we can only wonder how much pain, death and destruction is associated with e hail driver apps and the powers that be are enamored with these gadgets. They await Uber's IPO with the fervor of Apple® cultists sleeping on the sidewalk in order to get the next big thing from the firm before anyone else in their class at middle school.

Not one dead cyclist, not one senior citizen's broken collar bone for this insanity!

US troops quitting Yemen

You might like to know that the insurgents are Shiites who are very much against al Qaeda and ISIS   - CNN and the others are likely to be confused about that later.
Yemen president appeals for UN intervention as US troops leave http://gu.com/p/46p96

Uber is exploiting veterans - Operation Hire Our Heroes

aka HIRING Our Heroes

Because becoming an Uber driver can hardly be called getting a real job.
Uber boss @Travisk (Travis Kalanick) wants to entrap unemployed and under employed veterans  by having them buy cars that they can't afford at inflated interest rates in what's your basic SCAM. There is no limit to the number of Uber cars on the road- for Kalanick it's the more the merrier, so more drivers are chasing after a finite number of customers. To bring in more customers or keep them Uber cuts the fare. Maybe fine for customers but not so fine for drivers who have car .notes, insurance costs, Maintenance and repair expenses, not to mention the fact that they need to eat and sleep under a roof just like other people do.

In New York Uber drivers must be licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. New rules make license suspension and revocation a real possibility. This is part of the reason taxi medallion prices have collapsed - it's too easy to get into a situation where you can't work. Of course the bills don't stop coming.

Creating a real job is not putting three people to work doing what two once did and adjusting the pay downward. That is essentially what Uber's plan to saturate the streets with hungry drivers is.

VETERANS are being used in an Uber public relations scheme. IMO they're just being played one again.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

All you need in life # redeyetaxi


Uber drivers protesting against the company. Do not get #owned by #Uber.
I served in the army from July 1967 to July 1969. I'm not claiming hero status. I feel though that I have to warn you not to let yourself get #owned by #Uber, or in other words: Don't let yourself get #Ubered! What does that mean to you? Do not get sucked into Uber's web.

Travis Kalanick, Uber's head honcho claims to be a "job creator", when he is no more than someone who turns one " job" into two or more "jobs" without adding to the number of customers or the amount of money that you share around. His plan is to get you to buy an expensive car to join in competition with current Uber and other drivers chasing the same amount of money. And once you've signed the car note you are #owned until you pay it off. It does not bother Uber that more and more drivers are chasing after the same amount of work. No, in fact for Kalanick, the more #Ubered drivers the better! He is not paying them one thin dime and the more drivers there are the cheaper he can sell your time and labor.

In New York, my home town and whose taxi business I know well, you will be licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Under their new rules it is very easy to get a license suspended or revoked. You then remain trapped into a high interest car note without any income. Uber is also well known for suspending drivers and cutting their fares to attract or keep customers. It is the drivers who eat the loss.

In San Francisco and New York Uber drivers have held strikes and protests.

Now, the suits in New York City are also trying to get you to become a taxi driver. Watch out. You may think it's a simple and easy job but believe it or not not everyone is cut out for the job. If you are curios and want to try it out the best approach is to drive by the shift for a fleet. This way you are not #owned. You are not locked into a lease and a car note while you explore the business and see if you are right for it and it is right for you.

Uber's boss, Travis Kalanick calls his drivers "dude" and he is looking forward to the Driverless Car, which Uber is working on with Google.

Be warned, and I wish you a happy and successful adjustment to civilian life. Don't be chumped by someone who calls you a dude and is planning to eliminate you while he sells you a line of (frankly) shit about how much money you can make.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thinking about #Uber boss Travis Kalanick owning The Driverless Car #redeyetaxi

Costa Garvas' classic 60's movie "Z" keeps popping into my mind whenever I think about the Travis Kalanick partnership with Google to bring out the Driverless Car. The film is reality, based on a real fascist coup that happened in a real country- Greece.
Kalanick is morally corrupt and ruthless.

Sarah Lacy: Uber boss is morally corrupt.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How New York taxi bosses are getting #Ubered and the Zab Kab Solution #redeyetaxi

Sarah Lacy: Uber boss is morally corrupt.

For now people like me are benefiting but what's going on is wrong and probably illegal. Taxi and Limousine Commission's number two man, Ashwinni Chhabra, Policy boss, had apparently been blocking taxi industry efforts to develop and get approval for a taxi hail app and seemingly as a reward Chhabra Golden Parachutes to Uber's employ last May.

I had been aware of an app called Zab Kab that was much simpler than Uber's and the others. It minimizes driver distraction, which is a serious issue being ignored by big shots worldwide and also could operate without the Big Brother surveillance aspects of Uber. Apparently Zab Kab's developers couldn't get to first base with Chhabra and Company.

Now me, personally, I'm in the catbird seat thanks to Uber. Frankly Uber is successfully recruiting veteran taxi drivers, giving me more freedom than I had even half a year ago. My boss can't get enough drivers to dispatch all of his taxis. Of course that's good news for me and I shouldn't complain.

ZAB KAB, With a few tweaks it could be the perfect elegant, simpler, safer and privacy protective taxi hail app, perfect for both drivers looking for fares and people looking for drivers.

Your Uber app is spying on you

It is reading your email, tracking your movements and even capable of developing a psychological profile on you. This is not an episode of "conspiracy theory taxi driver."

Uber drivers "rate" you. Your ratings by them is Uber's property. You rate Uber drivers. Well are you  a soft touch? Big tipper? Cheapskate? Where do you go? How long do you stay there? Who else is there? What do you spend your money on? Travis Kalanick owns this information. You should not feel good about that. I don't.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Saint Patrick's Day bullshit (Anecdotally Australian)

Widely know as being Dumb Drunk and Racist - let me add thieving.
Australia is known as "The Lucky Country." This means they are a sparsely populated big resource rich country. They invent nothing. IMO they're wannabe Americans in spite of the fact that they call us "Seppos" (short for "Septic tanks".) Did you know that for decades they proudly called themselves "The White Man's Continent? Well, this is true!

I don't know how many Australians I've met. There are many of them here in New York and doubtless I've encountered many who were unmemorable, which is how I like my passengers to be. I am reporting here on the ones that I have met who've told me that they are Australians. They tend to be memorable.

I'll never forget the two drunk Australians in suits who barged into my occupied taxi and declared that they would not leave. Cops are never around when you need them . The young lady original passenger was actually pretty cool, realizing that they represented unknown threat. One of them made a try at being amorous and that's when the lady bailed.

Others I've met have been drunk and racist. Around half a year ago I had four young Australian men who were talking African American hip hop dialect, and verbally assaulting women passers by. They announced the trip over while we were in the middle of traffic opening both passenger doors. One did stay behind to pay exactly the amount on the meter, waiting for his few dimes while we stood blocking traffic, one passenger door open.

Last night, Saint Paddy's Day bullshit night, I met four Australians. One particularly memorable (the one who sat in the front and showed me her breasts) but the four memorable.in the aggregate. They went to the Hilton Garden Inn on East 52nd Street. Now, when I take four passengers I have to make space for the front seat passenger by scrunching my knapsack. I was a bit tired and yet at ease with these Aussies, these happydrunk sort of stereotypical ones. My guard was down. They took my knapsack and that fact dawned on me a half-hour later. In the knapsack was my medicine for my prediabetic condition and for my slight hypertension, also the key to my ex wife's apartment. (She's renting the spare room to me while I try to get situated). I returned to the Hilton Garden Inn and got sympathy but no real.help. My ex wouldn't accept that. The bottom line being the hotel is supposedly putting out a flier asking these Australians to show some human decency and turn my stuff in NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I'll let you know how that went tomorrow.

Saint Patrick's Day bullshit. I never learn. (347)-300-6623 a no account boy friend's phone number.

I also tell myself that I will never again drive a cab on Saint Paddy's Day night. My self destructive impulses won again. I took mercy on a tipsy chick who would never have been able to get a cab. My bad.

This is one type of bullshit a Uber driver never encounters. No "has no money has no credit card where the fuck am I anyhow"'Brooklyn ass non entities get to hijack Uber drivers. The videos are raw reality. The no account boy friend's phone number is (347) - 300- 6623.They live on Hegman near Vermont in a Brooklynesque shithole.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day 2015- About how we like our sex?

Today is Saint Patrick's Day here in New York City. There's been an enormous parade and tonight I get to take some participants home from the festivities. Being as on this day everyone's Irish I'm wearing green. I have my plans for Saint Patrick's Day 2016:
Seeing as how people may participate in contingent arranged according to how they like sex, or their preferences and orientations I am calling for people who share my orientation to join a spiritual contingent next Saint Patrick's Day. #BenBriscoe was a Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin. I remember when I was a kid my mom took me to the City ( we lived in Queensbridge but "the city" was Manhattan to us.
I was born this way, this is how God made me. It's not a lifestyle, it's who I am.


Drunken revelers explain Saint Patrick's Day.

Hardline Catholicist militants offer a different point of view.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Free as a bird

Eagle wearing video cam flies off Burj  Khalifa, world's tallest building in Dubai.

Untamed falcon hunting in New York's Washington Square Park.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Venezuela crisis- heating up (?)


President Obama has declared Venezuela to be an unusual threat requiring a national state. Of emergency. Iny opinion the water situation in California is a real emergent threat but what do I know?

Meanwhile USMC General John F Kelly, Commanding Officer of the US Southern Command says in so many words that were Venezuela to collapse and stop sending nearly free oil to Caribbean nations this could unleash a wave of refugees. So it might just be that the "National Emergency" was meant to strengthen the Venezuelan government by generating national unity
 The main opposition coalition condemn the US declaration.

Venezuela began a nation wide ten day military exercise with Russian participation
 Some 20,000 civilian volunteer militia are also participating.

California is running out of water. No joke.

A NASA scientist says so.

They produce lots of our food there. 38 million people live in California. There is ground water (less every day) that uses energy and costs money to get to. It's been known for years that California is using up water faster than it is being replenished. Californians, in their infinite wisdom, oppose rationing water. This is serious when you have land sinking at a foot a year.
Jay Famiglia, NASA scientist. He probably knows what he is talking about.

Now, about that dress...

#redeyetaxi #Dailychuckle2

Nick Callas type of humor is college age oriented. It's been a long time since I went to college but I'm sure lots of people appreciate Nick. Certainly his audiences do. I'm July to in that niche.

Jerry Coreley is an accomplished stand up comedy guy who runs s course in how to do stand up comedy. He put dozens of lessons onto YouTube. Getting free instruction in a field that could potentially be lucrative is right up my alley.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mierda diabolical from The Devil's Excrement

The Devil's Excrement is an English language Venezuelan blog the objective of which is to stoke up the United States public and officials against the lawfully elected government of Venezuela. Now, I'm not Venezuelan and I ought not put my nose into Venezuela's business. I am a believed in self determination after all. I come up against a contradiction in this matter for two  reasons. Firstly my country and Venezuela are tied together by commerce, cultural affinities, geographic proximity, but mainly by the fact that the rulers of my country believe they know what's best for Venezuela. They also believe that they have the right and even the duty to twist the arm of weaker countries to convince them to do "what we need for them to do." Just a few days ago a video was released featuring President Obama saying exactly that. And on Monday Obama signed a document proclaiming that Venezuela poses an "extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States." Venezuela poses such a threat that the President proclaimed a state of nationwide emergency!

Now, of course, this is hyperbolic nonsense, but there is a method to this apparent madness. What accompanied all this sound and fury was a seemingly innocuous order that seven Venezuelan officials be banned from travel to the USA and any assets they might have here be frozen. This is where Mierda Diabolical gets into the mix with me. It is very much my business what my President does. It is my business as well when a foreign entity propagandizes my country in order to influence it's policies. Simply put, "Mierda" has been propagandizing the USA public and leadership to intervene into the internal affairs of Venezuela for years now, and is stepping it up lately, welcoming and defending Obama's very threatening proclamation. In spite of historical precedents of disastrous US meddling and in spite of the fact that the President's proclamation is exactly the same proclamation thaDiabolical "crippling sanctions' against Iran - sanctions that have caused hunger and death, in spite of the fact that the US is right now positioning 3000 Marines in near to Venezuela Peru, in spite of the fact that this is the same proclamation that preceded the NATO dismemberment of Libya, the drone airborne murders in Yemen Mierda Diabolical tells us that the proclamation is merely a (dishonest) formality to enable Obama to punish a few Venezuelan bad apples.

The hard right Cuban-American Senatorial triumvirate that has striven mightily for this moment to arrive knows better than Mierda's proprietor Miguel Octavo and other "Venezuelans" claim to know. They call these limited sanctions a "good start" against the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Frustrated by sixteen years of
rejection in 19 democratic elections as said by the Carter Center the opposition is looking to the United States, be it by diplomatic arm twisting or the United States Marines in person to put them over the top.  

Spike Lee and me on Brooklyn gentrification. #redeyetaxi

I am a Jewish Shabbos Goy #redeyetaxi

I wrote about this on my disorganized YouTube channel. Anyhow "Fuck you" to Chabad, Michael Bloomberg, David Duke and Israel Shamir.

Shakespearean Who's on first. #redeyetaxi #dailychuçkle2_

Taxi vomit girl #redeyetaxi

Niki the drunk ass East 65th Street taxi vomit girl abandoned in taxi by her no account non entity fare beating boy friend.

Organized videographers stop Brooklyn frame up.

Cops in the gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park went berserk at the last Puerto Rican Day celebration. A disciplined neighborhood organization, el Grito de Sunset Park, captured the cop aggressive acts that included one cop swinging his baton so recklessly that he cracked the skull of a fellow cop. They gang assaulted a 17 year old and charged him with assault, and resisting arrest. Thanks to the good "cop watch" work of the organized community the boy is free. And thanks to RT television for letting us known about it. #redeyetaxi

Thursday, March 12, 2015

International Women's Month

Woman beats two tough guys' asses

Women you do not want to f$ck with

Don't mess with a angry lioness.

Daily Chuckle #1

😂😂😂😂The late great actor, activist and comedian Charlie Chaplin in a famous scene: Charlie Chaplin On Cocaine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

US Marines deploy to Peru


I don't recall seeing anything about a decision to have the Marines be sent into harm's way. Do you? #Redeyetaxi

We have to have the strongest military

So that we can twist countries' arms to get them to do what we need for them to do. Thus said Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama.
En espanol

In English

#redeyetaxi Swedish Travis Bickle

A Swedish Travis Bickle boasted about leaving a Finn for dead in a snowbank. He knew I was recoding him (and his sister).,This has been on the internet for a couple of years on my old blog. Google Swedish Travis Bickle.

Back in the eighties a gas pump jockey offered to sell me a gun, just like Robert di Niro

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#redeyetaxi My worse nightmare: President Obama has declared a "National Emergency" caused by the "Venezuelan threat."

Monday US President Obama officially declared a state of national emergency due to a "threat to the national security of the United States of America" caused by Venezuela. My worse nightmare may be unfolding.
Weird Al  Yankovich lampooned Sylvester Stallone, who in his role as Vietnam War avenger John Rambo famously said "I'm your worse nightmare."

It seems ridiculous on the face of it: a third world country 1/10 the size of the United States forcing a declaration of national security emergency by the President of the world's only superpower.

Venezuela has become my heart's second home. My wife is from there and I recently spent three months there living with family and friends.

Venezuela is a beautiful country populated by kind generous spirited folks many of whom I deeply personally care about. I saw how hard life is there (although for most of them it was worse in what some well to do Venezuelans call the good old days.)

For now the Obama declaration is a necessary legal cover for imposing an increasingly severe regimen of economic sanctions and for openly aiding an increasingly desperate opposition that has not been able to win a national election (in an electoral system called one of the best in the world by Jimmy Carter.) This opposition has counted on United States support in its engagement in seditious and violent actions against a government that seemed to think it can appease and come to terms with this opposition and its US backers. People who led the 2002 coup not only were not locked up - some were allowed to run for office and sometimes win, like Leopoldo Lopez and Anthony Ledezma. Apparently the Chavistas thought - or maybe just hoped - that by showing such leniency they'd avoid Sadaam Hussein style global media demonization. Finally it looks as though they've abandoned such illusions.

You see, Venezuelans like the US, wear American logo tee-shirts, watch American TV and bootleg Rambo movies.

It seems though Obama wants to rally Venezuelans against his friends in the hapless opposition. Let me explain. In many ways Venezuela's people are inclined to want friendly relations with the United States. Back in 2007 the late President Hugo Chavez announced that he'd be visiting Iran. An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans polled about this trip opposed it, not welcoming a move that would annoy the United States. It took a United States warning against the visit to totally rally Venezuelans to support it. While Venezuelans like the United States. What they overwhelmingly will reject is United States directives. So, if Obama insists that opposition leaders not stand trial for seditious plotting Venezuelans will insist that the trials proceed.

Where this is all headed is frightening for me to contemplate. I was conscripted into the US Vietnam war army. Americans overwhelmingly backed this war and the transparent lies told to back it until too much money and too many American boys were being wasted with no victory in sight.

Ramsey Clark once visited Sadaam Hussein right after Iraq had overrun Kuwait. No doubt he urged Sadaam to hold firm, and he might have pointed to an anti intervention protest by a couple of hundred New Yorkers as evidence that the great anti war American people would stay the government's hand and block an American attack. Sadaam took heart and of course the rest is sad and bloody history. 

For the love of God, dear American people please wake up.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#redeyetaxi Congress does the Bibi boogie

Angry old man that I am, when I have to contend with ANGRY YOUNG MEN I think I get it #redeyetaxi

Yes I have to walk with that stick because of an irresponsible driver, a don't give a shit NYPD non investigation, cavalier doctors at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, and the physical therapist that my ambulance chasing lawyer recommended. So yeah I guess I do carry some anger around, but I'm mild mannered most of the time, like when the young men started fucking with me on the number six train. Enjoy the video. I made it for you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Police break up fight between Nazi militia and regular soldiers. The #Ukraine #FailedState

I am sure our European friends just cannot wait till Ukraine joins the European Union and they can have these defeated unemployed bully boys on their streets while paying taxes to make sure Ukaine's elderly don't freeze to death.

#Hasids protested at #NewYork City Hall over being drafted in Israel #redeyetaxi

Now, that made a lot of sense....

#LAPD a notorious gang once led by #NYPD Chief William Bratton murdered a #homeless man this Sunday. A qualityoflife issue, no doubt

We need the second amendment.

#MountRushmoreOfDumbass #redeyetaxi1

My passengers and I talk about my (still unrealized) plan to unveil The Mount Rushmore of Dumbass.

A Harlem Couple nominated the Reverend Al Sharpton to grace the face of the Mount Rushmore of Dumbass.

A man in Bedford Stuyvesant nominated his ex girlfriend to have her face on the Mount Rushmore of Dumbass but he refused to name her.

You can appear on this blog anonymously or publicly. I'll even post your email, Twitter and Facebook address if you sign a waiver.


If you are interested email me with a phone # or Twitter address so it can be arranged.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Benyamin Netanyahoo looks at Barack Obama and I have a song

Israhelli Prime Minister Binyamin  Netanyahoo pushing for Iran war in Washington "means no disrespect by telling the world in front of the puppy dogs of the United States Congress that President Obama is appeasing Iranian "terrorism" and endangering G-d's Chosen People."

Hey Benny Netanyahoo
people understand
Jew Only homes you're building on Palestinian land

And one thing that is certain we want no war with Iran

Netanyahu we ain't with your plan

So see, Netanyahoo it's things that you did 
That's getting people angry
No, no, not 'cause  that
you're a Yid.

It's not that you're picked on
Or misunderstood

Deep down inside you 
You're no good

You're no good you're no good
You're no earthly good
Like inside you're just no 
Garsh darned good

So don't mess with Obama there'll be no bombs on Iran

We don't want all that drama
That you came here to demand

You'd better do a reset
Find yourself another plan

While you're at it give back Palestine her land
See Ben  Netanyahoo
You're simply no good

It's all you have  been doing
Not the would could or shood

The people are fed up with 
What you have doed
'Cause Netanyahu you're no good!!!

Created by Eugene Weixel No Rights Reserved, claimed nor implied.

#redeyetaxi #workingclassheroes Sanitation lifters keep us safe from epidemics and allow us our way of life.