Monday, April 27, 2015

Interesting things are happening in Venezuela

Venezuela has a serious problem with housing and now with petroleum prices halved in a year the populist government of President Maduro is forced to scrutinize expenses but one thing they say will go forward is the plan to build 700,000 public housing homes and apartments this year. The government says that they have 300,000 under construction now and that construction is to begin on 400,000 by June 30.
54 years old Marlene Olivo  needed one of those apartments
 badly.  When bus driving President Nicolas Maduro rolled into Olivo's home state of Aragua  a few days ago  Olivo  tossed a request for housing  written on a  mango at the former bus driver and union activist.  He got the message and she 's getting her apartment  today, most likely.

In other  news China just  approved another loan to Venezuela, in the amount of  five  billion dollars.  Venezuela has just cut overseas travel  subsidies that benefit  the middle class people  by two billion dollars  and foreign banks are  relaxing about the matter of Venezuela's debt  payments that are coming due. 

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