Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why driving for Uber is neither a real job not an "American Dream" type small business.

Driving for Uber - they say you're not an employee, but they assign work, appoint their customers who get inside your car to be a supervisor who rates you and your work. A rating can result in you being suspended, cut off from work and income. The employer doesn't have responsibility for the condition of the car, your main work tool, and doesn't even pay for it. The employer might lend you the money to buy the car and those payments are your responsibility even if you are hospitalized.

But most business owners have equity, - a stake that can grow. You don't and never will. A taxi driver who puts  up a down payment on a medallion has equity. There are ways a taxi driver who doesn't own the medallion can work towards one. For you it's out of the question.

You aren't a franchise owned either. Uber can send as many competitors against you as they can trick.

You lose. No equity, no chance of ever having equity , under close supervision by Uber and its customers, but no employee rights or benefits.

Sounds like a bad idea.

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