Thursday, April 30, 2015

Union Square New York City early and chill Spring morning. Black Lives Matter.

Last night several thousand of the finest, the cream of New York City's youth gathered at Union Square to rally and set out to protest another apparent murder by police of another African American citizen, this time in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. I won't rehash the details that have been made public so far, other than to express my feelings of anger that apparently it's a capital offense for a Black person to make eye contact with a police  officer and then to leave in haste. If I were Black I'd avoid eye contact with a cop.  In fact I'm not a Black person and I avoid eye contact with a cop too. If I happened to make eye contact with a police officer I'd probably be pretty flustered and unsure about what to do next.
I was briefly caught up in the protest, some of which was headed away from the West Side Highway at Houston Street. I drove up to a wall of marching protesters and cop "escorts" I signalled my agreement with a two fingered "V" sign and a then a thumb up to the marchers and  in a few moments I was headed down the West Side Highway to Battery Park City. Protesters marched in several parts of Manhattan Island and made the point that from here on out there is going to be disruption any time cops execute an unarmed Black person anywhere in the United States.
I flavor that idea. Union Square is a social economic cultural odd place. Rich people live in expensive apartments, The Village, East, and West begin or end there depending on which way you are going, it's a place where protests historically from up, it's a center of skate board youth culture and a place where people live outdoors. I took this picture while waiting for the Avenue A bus.

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