Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jafe Paulino #Kidinacandystore

Jafe Paulino just got out of my taxi around one in the morning. He was on the phone with his best friend in the world talking about being #thenextbigthing or maybe the next next big thing. He grew up in a musical family. He's got a very close bond with both the friend he was talking with and with his father too. Jafe Paulino is in the video on this page. He's about to go on a world tour with "just (his) guitar on his back." He's about twenty years old and on the edge of having his wishes come true. Hence my hash tag for him. I wish him all the best but to be careful as it's a nasty world and, after all, he's very talented and accomplished, but in my 69 year old eyes he's still a b kid.

#worldtour #bicoastal

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