Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two first-time experiences in two days.

Yesterday I posted about a first-time experience I had- under model minority. Two Asian American men left my taxi without paying me. (This is something that could never happen to a Uber driver.)

FIRST TIME, Proving I suppose that anything can happen. Oh well (shrug).

Then last night three black men got in and were in a conversation that I could not help but overhear. Actually one guy was doing most of the talking. He was saying that his doctor had recommended he take blood pressure medicine, but he said that would destroy his living. As he saint, he's a whore. Now I have had male prostitute passengers before, they whore themselves to older rich gay men. This guy's client base is female. He sells not only sex, but ersatz love. He was going on about how he had ducked this customer, who told him she loves him. "Yeah, love you too" was his answer. They talked about the money he needed, then he went to the bathroom and vomited.
Sad, no?

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