Saturday, April 18, 2015

Google and the Yellow taxi industry leaders are going the wrong way on e hail.

Google is working on an e hail app and in several US cities the legal street hail taxi organizations are clamoring for the right to have their own e hail system.

Uber has them running scared and it's not outside the box for them to seek their own e hail systems. Big mistake, though.

Uber app is under legal fire over the fact that their driver app is a public safety menace. What we have is thousands of Uber drivers racing around looking at their apps instead of the street, and in New York City the hare brained and corrupt de Blasio regime is allowing drivers to tool around looking at two or even three different apps. Because NYPD and Taxi Commission enforcement of the laws that prohibit taxi and Livery drivers from using any electronic device while they are not legally parked or standing is weak to not at all #Uber drivers are violating the law with impunity. Because investigation of traffic accidents is weak too we don't know how much damage to the public these characters are doing but we do know that when HAILO and Uber went legal the number of accidents went up.

Taxi industry leaders are being short sighted in pursuing their own app.

The number of court cases against e hail apps is going to rise, especially if the Erin Sauchelli lawsuit against Uber succeeds.

Police who want to embarrass mayor deBlasio will start going after app gazing Uber drivers making the point that the deBlasio administration's efforts to encourage the use of electronic devices while driving is irrational, irresponsible and it turns Visionzero into a joke.

The apps and the Uber fad can go the way of the hoola hoop.

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