Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The New York City Council transportation chair Ydanis Rodriguez on the spot regarding driver app menace


Streetsblog NYC has some pretty good questions about this for Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez.
Is Wesley Mensing the first pedestrian killed by an Uber driver in New York City?
Does the Uber driver app foster distracted driving?
Does Uber keep records of the collisions its drivers get into? Are those records available to the authorities and the public?
Does Uber have "black box" data relevant to the Mensing tragedy? If so, may you and the public get a look at it?

I also have a few questions of my own.
1- When the City Council first took approval of taxi apps into consideration had you read any study about the apps? Did the study even make mention of a possible issue regarding distracted driving?

2- Did you personally study both the customers and drivers apps for Uber, HAILO, Lyft or any other taxi drivers app?

3- Did it occur to you that these apps all invite customers to telephone drivers? 

4- Did you know that TLC rules absolutely prohibited licensed drivers from using any electronic devices while driving?

5- Have you in your capacity of transportation committee chairman asked the NYPD for hard data on cell phone and app related accidents? Does such data exist? Are NYPD officers who respond to serious accidents required to gather information about the use of cellphones and apps by drivers who have been in an accident?

Just thought I'd ask...

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