Sunday, March 22, 2015

Uber is exploiting veterans - Operation Hire Our Heroes

aka HIRING Our Heroes

Because becoming an Uber driver can hardly be called getting a real job.
Uber boss @Travisk (Travis Kalanick) wants to entrap unemployed and under employed veterans  by having them buy cars that they can't afford at inflated interest rates in what's your basic SCAM. There is no limit to the number of Uber cars on the road- for Kalanick it's the more the merrier, so more drivers are chasing after a finite number of customers. To bring in more customers or keep them Uber cuts the fare. Maybe fine for customers but not so fine for drivers who have car .notes, insurance costs, Maintenance and repair expenses, not to mention the fact that they need to eat and sleep under a roof just like other people do.

In New York Uber drivers must be licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. New rules make license suspension and revocation a real possibility. This is part of the reason taxi medallion prices have collapsed - it's too easy to get into a situation where you can't work. Of course the bills don't stop coming.

Creating a real job is not putting three people to work doing what two once did and adjusting the pay downward. That is essentially what Uber's plan to saturate the streets with hungry drivers is.

VETERANS are being used in an Uber public relations scheme. IMO they're just being played one again.

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