Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fish gotta swim birds gotta fly cops gotta lie. Or why I don't like cops.

A few days ago I wrote about an accident that was imposed on me when a young drug addled make believe wigger got into a pissing contest with the driver of one of those private garbage trucks that the mythical Tony Soprano owned.
The focus of the post, though, wasn't the accident so much as a surprisingly decent act of kindness done by one of the cops who intervened in the accident situation. A homeless man was resting on a nearby stoop. One of the cops spotted him and went over to him. I fully expected the cop to chase the poor guy, possibly brutally, as I have seen happen a few times in my 69 years living in New York City. The cop astounded me by getting a take out dinner plate out of the cop car and bringing it to the guy. The cop did this twice.

I praised him then and there. He said "Not all of us are assholes." I knew that justice wasn't going to happen. You see, although my passenger acted like a jerk by opening and refusing to close the door, the trucker had brought his rig to a complete stop. After an exchange of obscenities with my passenger he hit the gas and destroyed the two passenger side doors on my car (my boss's car actually). The cops were right behind the rig so I know that they knew the trucker willfully did damage - some sort of violation at the least. I didn't expect the cops to trouble themselves over a garbage truck driver trashing a taxi. Of course not. The "nice" cop started bullshiting me about "the trucker had the right of way". The thing that was over the top was the NYPD accident report that I picked up at the 28th precinct yesterday. The cop had me giving them an excuse for the trucker and for their own failure to summons the trucker. Cops are notorious liars.

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