Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Uber's Josh Mohrer probably has my answer

I've got to lead off with an apology to Josh Mohr who I mistakenly named as the New York boss of Uber a few hours ago. Sorry for the mistake Mr. Mohr. I meant Josh Mohrer.

I put out a post about the killing of Wesley Mensing by an #Uber driver. Mohr is not connected with the tragic death of the young golf instructor. Josh Mohrer, now that is a horse of a different color.

You see, Josh Mohrer ought to have certain knowledge - was Uber driver Aliou Diallo using his phone or his Uber driver app while driving, and was he doing that while or immediately prior to running down young Wesley Mensing and Wesley's girlfriend Erin Sauchelli.

I'm asking Josh Mohrer this question because it's been reported that Dialo was either or both coming off a customer trip and on his way to a customer. Because the app often fails to show the driver the accurate location of the customer to the driver and because it conversely fails to show the customer the driver's true location very frequently one uses the app to make contact with the other. EVERYONE knows that when that happens most often the driver is NOT safely and legally parked or standing, but is in traffic. Your Uber mega billions of dollars valuation wouldn't be were these calls not being made. Having a driver tap an icon whereby he promises not to do this is baloney, as everyone would agree.

Your drivers do some data entry as well.

The #Uber app is not ready for prime time when it comes to public safety but there is so much money involved and the tap app get ride fad seems to be psychologically addictive, sort of like weed.

Responsible authorities would never have given the green light to any of the e hail apps but everyone knows that we don't have any of them.

So look in the mirror, Josh and decide to tell the truth.

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