Thursday, March 19, 2015

How New York taxi bosses are getting #Ubered and the Zab Kab Solution #redeyetaxi

Sarah Lacy: Uber boss is morally corrupt.

For now people like me are benefiting but what's going on is wrong and probably illegal. Taxi and Limousine Commission's number two man, Ashwinni Chhabra, Policy boss, had apparently been blocking taxi industry efforts to develop and get approval for a taxi hail app and seemingly as a reward Chhabra Golden Parachutes to Uber's employ last May.

I had been aware of an app called Zab Kab that was much simpler than Uber's and the others. It minimizes driver distraction, which is a serious issue being ignored by big shots worldwide and also could operate without the Big Brother surveillance aspects of Uber. Apparently Zab Kab's developers couldn't get to first base with Chhabra and Company.

Now me, personally, I'm in the catbird seat thanks to Uber. Frankly Uber is successfully recruiting veteran taxi drivers, giving me more freedom than I had even half a year ago. My boss can't get enough drivers to dispatch all of his taxis. Of course that's good news for me and I shouldn't complain.

ZAB KAB, With a few tweaks it could be the perfect elegant, simpler, safer and privacy protective taxi hail app, perfect for both drivers looking for fares and people looking for drivers.

Your Uber app is spying on you

It is reading your email, tracking your movements and even capable of developing a psychological profile on you. This is not an episode of "conspiracy theory taxi driver."

Uber drivers "rate" you. Your ratings by them is Uber's property. You rate Uber drivers. Well are you  a soft touch? Big tipper? Cheapskate? Where do you go? How long do you stay there? Who else is there? What do you spend your money on? Travis Kalanick owns this information. You should not feel good about that. I don't.

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