Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To the #NYPD cabbies are garbage.

Here you have a yellow cab driver who was assaulted by "customers." Cops showed up, threatening to arrest the driver, they released the felons who are probably sharing a good laugh over it with their friends.

Here a racist cop who didn't know he was being videotaped by #Uber passengers, let out a foul mouthed racist tirade at a defenseless Uber driver. Must have been therapy for the pig. NYPD is protecting the pig's identity and have farmed out the "investigation" to the no-can-do's at the (laughable) Civilian Complaint Review Board, who have no authority to make the anonymous pig answer any questions, and whose findings are usually ignored by the NYPD Commissioner.

As a cabbie I have been insulted by on duty cops and harassed by cop passengers, one who refused to pay full fare. I know that non whites and immigrants get even worse from the NYPD pigs.

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