Monday, March 30, 2015

Why #Uber is not ready for prime time.

Let's try logic: There's good reason it's against the law for a driver to use an electronic device unless he is legally parked or standing. Not stopped at a red light, not double parked, not anything but legally parked or standing! It's to protect the public from accidents. In New York City it's even stricter for livery drivers like Ubers and taxi drivers. They aren't even allowed to use HANDS FREE PHONES even though some take their chances with the cops, the TLC  and fate risking their licenses and being the cause of an accident.

A New Jersey judge ruled that if you text someone who is driving you could be liable for any damages he might cause in and accident. So what makes anyone think that they can call their Uber on a telephone?

The Uber app very often does not show the customer the driver's true location and vice versa.

That, dear people puts the reason Uber is not ready for prime time into a nutshell!

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