Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The happiest countries on earth are Latin American


So says the Gallup poll as reported in the latest International Business Times. Of special interest to me is the fact that Venezuela ranks high as it has year after year. (The seventh most happy country on earth.) I am married to a Venezuelan woman and I spent the months of November, December and January there. It's my hope to return and spend many more happy days there.
Venezuela, with all of its well known problems, with the high crime rate, lines of shoppers seeking de facto rationed milk, corn flour, toilet paper and other necessary items is a happy place!? How can this be?
Gallup asked people if they felt they had gotten enough rest yesterday, if they had been treated with respect the whole day, had learned something or done something interesting, had smiled and laughed and if they had experienced positive emotions like satisfaction.

So, let's leave Venezuela's problems to the Venezuelans. They don't appear to need lessons from anyone about how to live.

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