Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Saint Patrick's Day bullshit (Anecdotally Australian)

Widely know as being Dumb Drunk and Racist - let me add thieving.
Australia is known as "The Lucky Country." This means they are a sparsely populated big resource rich country. They invent nothing. IMO they're wannabe Americans in spite of the fact that they call us "Seppos" (short for "Septic tanks".) Did you know that for decades they proudly called themselves "The White Man's Continent? Well, this is true!

I don't know how many Australians I've met. There are many of them here in New York and doubtless I've encountered many who were unmemorable, which is how I like my passengers to be. I am reporting here on the ones that I have met who've told me that they are Australians. They tend to be memorable.

I'll never forget the two drunk Australians in suits who barged into my occupied taxi and declared that they would not leave. Cops are never around when you need them . The young lady original passenger was actually pretty cool, realizing that they represented unknown threat. One of them made a try at being amorous and that's when the lady bailed.

Others I've met have been drunk and racist. Around half a year ago I had four young Australian men who were talking African American hip hop dialect, and verbally assaulting women passers by. They announced the trip over while we were in the middle of traffic opening both passenger doors. One did stay behind to pay exactly the amount on the meter, waiting for his few dimes while we stood blocking traffic, one passenger door open.

Last night, Saint Paddy's Day bullshit night, I met four Australians. One particularly memorable (the one who sat in the front and showed me her breasts) but the four the aggregate. They went to the Hilton Garden Inn on East 52nd Street. Now, when I take four passengers I have to make space for the front seat passenger by scrunching my knapsack. I was a bit tired and yet at ease with these Aussies, these happydrunk sort of stereotypical ones. My guard was down. They took my knapsack and that fact dawned on me a half-hour later. In the knapsack was my medicine for my prediabetic condition and for my slight hypertension, also the key to my ex wife's apartment. (She's renting the spare room to me while I try to get situated). I returned to the Hilton Garden Inn and got sympathy but no My ex wouldn't accept that. The bottom line being the hotel is supposedly putting out a flier asking these Australians to show some human decency and turn my stuff in NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I'll let you know how that went tomorrow.

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