Saturday, March 28, 2015

Uber app negligent assault victim sues, we can't wait to be protected by the law from Uber. We need legislation by our representatives and case - by - case enforcement by the NYPD.

Erin Sauchelli filed a lawsuit against Uber because she was struck by an Uber car whose driver was distracted by the Uber driver app. Uber is culpable for willful negligent assault on Erin Sauchelli and willful negligent homicide against Wesley Mensing.

While it is good to see a victim  of Uber's mayhem for money stand up and fight back we cannot ignore the fact that Uber has eighteen billions of dollars behind it. Justice is notoriously slow and for sale.

Therefore we need two things right now. One, we need the cops to do real investigations of crashes - involving e hail apps and cell phones and we need to see criminal charges against the drivers filed.

Second we need legislation banning these apps. We also need to sweep out the TLC Commissioners who willfully ignored the driver app public safety menace. This post is going to be tweeted to every NYPD office every District Attorney in the five boroughs, and every City Council member that uses Twitter. Uber has been getting away with murder and it's time to call a halt.

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