Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wesley Mensing killed by #Uber driver. Was it an accident or an incident?

Uber's insurance "has gaps" says L.A. insurance lawyer.

Some questions that might not have been asked in the killing of Wesley Mensing by an #Uber driver:
We know that he didn't have a customer on board when the incident occurred but was he on his phone with a customer? Was he using the driver app? Was he a distracted driver? Did the police even try to get this information?

 Because Uber technology is not always accurate, and because some people don't know how to use it there are many Uber drivers on their phones with customers while driving. Taxi and Limousine Commission rules are explicit and stricter than the law for drivers in general. NO TELEPHONE USE OF ANY KIND INCLUDING HANDS FREE PHONES ARE PERMITTED. Is this enforced by the Taxi and Limousine Commission for e hail drivers??

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT #UBER DRIVERS ARE ON THEIR PHONES WHILE DRIVING!!! #Uber, #Sidecar, #Lyft could not function without drivers who are acting unlawfully.

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  1. The passenger probably is not insured either. If I was the passenger and injured I would sue Uber and the driver. As for the driver, I do not feel sorry for him. He took income away from ligitimate taxi drivers.

    Rim Sanson,