Monday, March 2, 2015

Benyamin Netanyahoo looks at Barack Obama and I have a song

Israhelli Prime Minister Binyamin  Netanyahoo pushing for Iran war in Washington "means no disrespect by telling the world in front of the puppy dogs of the United States Congress that President Obama is appeasing Iranian "terrorism" and endangering G-d's Chosen People."

Hey Benny Netanyahoo
people understand
Jew Only homes you're building on Palestinian land

And one thing that is certain we want no war with Iran

Netanyahu we ain't with your plan

So see, Netanyahoo it's things that you did 
That's getting people angry
No, no, not 'cause  that
you're a Yid.

It's not that you're picked on
Or misunderstood

Deep down inside you 
You're no good

You're no good you're no good
You're no earthly good
Like inside you're just no 
Garsh darned good

So don't mess with Obama there'll be no bombs on Iran

We don't want all that drama
That you came here to demand

You'd better do a reset
Find yourself another plan

While you're at it give back Palestine her land
See Ben  Netanyahoo
You're simply no good

It's all you have  been doing
Not the would could or shood

The people are fed up with 
What you have doed
'Cause Netanyahu you're no good!!!

Created by Eugene Weixel No Rights Reserved, claimed nor implied.

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