Sunday, March 22, 2015

I just can't let this #scumbag get away with murder.

Every one knows that Uber drivers get phone calls from passengers while they are in transit. This is because the apps are not perfect, and not everyone uses the apps correctly.

The reason it's illegal to be on the phone while driving should be.pretty damned obvious.

Now in New York City we have thousands of drivers who use two or more driver apps simultaneously. We know that the police do cursory perfunctory investigatios of vehicular accidents. They don't want to know that a driver was on his phone. They don't want to know that a driver was inputting a customer review while driving.

The rules for taxi and livery drivers are stricter than the law for drivers in general. There's good reason, beyond the revenue raising side of traffic enforcement. People get hurt, even killed, though due to half ass investigation and record keeping we can only wonder how much pain, death and destruction is associated with e hail driver apps and the powers that be are enamored with these gadgets. They await Uber's IPO with the fervor of Apple® cultists sleeping on the sidewalk in order to get the next big thing from the firm before anyone else in their class at middle school.

Not one dead cyclist, not one senior citizen's broken collar bone for this insanity!

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