Friday, March 13, 2015

Mierda diabolical from The Devil's Excrement

The Devil's Excrement is an English language Venezuelan blog the objective of which is to stoke up the United States public and officials against the lawfully elected government of Venezuela. Now, I'm not Venezuelan and I ought not put my nose into Venezuela's business. I am a believed in self determination after all. I come up against a contradiction in this matter for two  reasons. Firstly my country and Venezuela are tied together by commerce, cultural affinities, geographic proximity, but mainly by the fact that the rulers of my country believe they know what's best for Venezuela. They also believe that they have the right and even the duty to twist the arm of weaker countries to convince them to do "what we need for them to do." Just a few days ago a video was released featuring President Obama saying exactly that. And on Monday Obama signed a document proclaiming that Venezuela poses an "extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States." Venezuela poses such a threat that the President proclaimed a state of nationwide emergency!

Now, of course, this is hyperbolic nonsense, but there is a method to this apparent madness. What accompanied all this sound and fury was a seemingly innocuous order that seven Venezuelan officials be banned from travel to the USA and any assets they might have here be frozen. This is where Mierda Diabolical gets into the mix with me. It is very much my business what my President does. It is my business as well when a foreign entity propagandizes my country in order to influence it's policies. Simply put, "Mierda" has been propagandizing the USA public and leadership to intervene into the internal affairs of Venezuela for years now, and is stepping it up lately, welcoming and defending Obama's very threatening proclamation. In spite of historical precedents of disastrous US meddling and in spite of the fact that the President's proclamation is exactly the same proclamation thaDiabolical "crippling sanctions' against Iran - sanctions that have caused hunger and death, in spite of the fact that the US is right now positioning 3000 Marines in near to Venezuela Peru, in spite of the fact that this is the same proclamation that preceded the NATO dismemberment of Libya, the drone airborne murders in Yemen Mierda Diabolical tells us that the proclamation is merely a (dishonest) formality to enable Obama to punish a few Venezuelan bad apples.

The hard right Cuban-American Senatorial triumvirate that has striven mightily for this moment to arrive knows better than Mierda's proprietor Miguel Octavo and other "Venezuelans" claim to know. They call these limited sanctions a "good start" against the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Frustrated by sixteen years of
rejection in 19 democratic elections as said by the Carter Center the opposition is looking to the United States, be it by diplomatic arm twisting or the United States Marines in person to put them over the top.  

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