Saturday, March 21, 2015


Uber drivers protesting against the company. Do not get #owned by #Uber.
I served in the army from July 1967 to July 1969. I'm not claiming hero status. I feel though that I have to warn you not to let yourself get #owned by #Uber, or in other words: Don't let yourself get #Ubered! What does that mean to you? Do not get sucked into Uber's web.

Travis Kalanick, Uber's head honcho claims to be a "job creator", when he is no more than someone who turns one " job" into two or more "jobs" without adding to the number of customers or the amount of money that you share around. His plan is to get you to buy an expensive car to join in competition with current Uber and other drivers chasing the same amount of money. And once you've signed the car note you are #owned until you pay it off. It does not bother Uber that more and more drivers are chasing after the same amount of work. No, in fact for Kalanick, the more #Ubered drivers the better! He is not paying them one thin dime and the more drivers there are the cheaper he can sell your time and labor.

In New York, my home town and whose taxi business I know well, you will be licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Under their new rules it is very easy to get a license suspended or revoked. You then remain trapped into a high interest car note without any income. Uber is also well known for suspending drivers and cutting their fares to attract or keep customers. It is the drivers who eat the loss.

In San Francisco and New York Uber drivers have held strikes and protests.

Now, the suits in New York City are also trying to get you to become a taxi driver. Watch out. You may think it's a simple and easy job but believe it or not not everyone is cut out for the job. If you are curios and want to try it out the best approach is to drive by the shift for a fleet. This way you are not #owned. You are not locked into a lease and a car note while you explore the business and see if you are right for it and it is right for you.

Uber's boss, Travis Kalanick calls his drivers "dude" and he is looking forward to the Driverless Car, which Uber is working on with Google.

Be warned, and I wish you a happy and successful adjustment to civilian life. Don't be chumped by someone who calls you a dude and is planning to eliminate you while he sells you a line of (frankly) shit about how much money you can make.

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