Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why I'm supporting Bernie Sanders for President.

Sanders led the boycott of this disgrace.
I don't see the world the same way  Bernie Sanders does. I'm going to support him on this blog anyhow. Bernie was saying that he wants to restore faith in the system.

I blogged about the possible Sanders run for President over a year ago. I said that while Sanders is trying to restore faith in the system I have none. I don't think the real problems facing the world can be solved by sticking with the system. I will promote Sanders's run for President over all the others that are running, and to help him demonstrate that the system is all played out.
He's made a good proposal so far, a bill to make all public colleges and universities tuition free. I await his proposal for solving the trillion dollars student debt crisis. I happen to believe that people younger than me make up an entity that is too big to fail. These debts are an unconscionable burden on millions of young people.

Regarding foreign policy I want to praise Sanders for being the first US Senator to announce his boycott of Israel's strongman Benyamin Netanyahu's speech that put AIPAC's trained  donkeys and elephants through a new low in circus animal degradation.

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