Sunday, May 24, 2015

Attention Uber NYC drivers who feel like they've had enough abuse from Uber.

You probably can escape the fate of an Ubered driver  and become a taxi driving business man or woman. I'm not going to tell you that driving yellow in New York City is the perfect life, but it probably beats driving UberX by far and if you want it driving yellow taxi now opens a door to really having your own small business.

This is a real print out of a real yellow taxi driver's income for a long, hard, rewarding day of work. I figured that this driver made over $240 clear after lease, fees, and customary tipping back.. I estimated his expenses on the high side.

If you own your Uber car you can probably convert it to a yellow taxi. You also would have the option of having one or two drivers working under you and earning money for you while you rest or enjoy a day off.

Yellow taxis will soon have e hail apps installed. I oppose the apps on safety grounds and there are court cases now ongoing that might result in the apps being banned or changed. Yellow taxi drivers and owners feel pressured to use e hail apps. The driver apps will not use smart phones but will be installed in already existing equipment that is used for communication purposes.

If you want to know more about switching from Uber to Yellow you can contact Queens Medallion Leasing at 21-03 44th Avenue Long Island City right next to the upper roadway exit on 21st Street during normal business hours or other taxi management company.


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  2. Uber is not just a victim; it has invited much of the trouble. If society begins to feel that a company's actions are no longer acceptable, then it can withdraw its agreement, demand new, or simply cancel the license.


    1. It should be that simple but Uber is in fact a fascistic ideological crusade with money to burn. Some one (Huey Long perhaps) once said that.fascism would come to America draped in the flag. Travis K. Has draped it in dollar bills.

      Fascism is among other things the mobilization by the very rich of the middle class to crush the working class and poor. Uber aims to abolish full time working.class jobs and replace them with part time starvation wage "gigs" and it targets not drivers but bus drivers and auto workers worldwide. I don't have a great deal of confidence in the courts, the media and the politicians to I propose that we have to fight them on the streets. I use Sherpa Share heat map to starve Goobers.