Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Is Bernie Sanders Israeli?

Jewish youth from the world over are offered a free sojourn in Israel, the purpose of the investment is to make them "goodwill ambassadors " of Israel to their countries of birth.
Diane Rhem made a technical error while interviewing Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on NPR yesterday. She asserted that the Senator is a Israeli American dual citizen. Apparently the Senator is not. It's not a secret that he's Jewish. Not a secret either that the Senator spent time in his youth in Israel. Israel claims to be the homeland of all Jewish people. Its law proclaimed that all Jewish people, including me and Senator Sanders have a right to "return" to Israel. I long ago renounced this "right" to be an Israeli. I don't know what Senator Sanders's opinion is about this "right"  he's got. Given he wants to be President of the United States it's reasonable to wonder.


  1. In 1938 I believe it was, Chaim Weitzman said there were two kinds of countries
    in the world -- those where Jews could not live and those where Jews could not go.
    Evidently, you believe they shouldn't have been allowed to go to the area that is now
    Israel -- Arabs were targeting Jewish settlements way before the state of Israel, in part necessitating the 2-state proposal by the UN in 1947. The Jews accepted that solution while 7 surrounding Arab countries declared a war of "annihilation."
    Before it's creation, you see, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem advocated the same final solution for the Jews of the Middle East as Hitler's solution in Europe. That's why the Mufti organized a Muslim division of the SS in Bosnia, that exterminated more then 90% of the Jews and Romas. He is considered a great hero today, where Mein Kampf is a popular seller. And don't forget the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from surrounding lands, who were forced out by force or terror. Now, there are 53,000 refugees from African countries, blacks whom the Arab countries want nothing to do with. Yes, there are problems there, for a variety of reasons. But guess what, the
    Africans would rather be there than anywhere else. The truth is, a country the size of
    New Jersey is severely overburdened, while the surrounding countries have plenty of
    land they could furnish for the Africans, if they were not so racist.

  2. The Jews did not come to Palestine as immigrants or refugees simply. They came to "a land without people" to become the rulers, Not too difficult to figure out that there was going to be resistance. Given Britain and France were the powers oppressing Arabs it's not rocket science to understand that Arabs might see their hopes connected to the countries who were enemies of their own enemies.

    Israel is an imperialist regional power that relies on disenfranchised immigrants to do undesirable jobs.
    Lybia was one country where immigrants from sub Saharan Africa lived for decades in peace. Many Libyan people are in fact black skinned as are many Egyptians and even some Palestinians.

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