Sunday, May 24, 2015

It looks like Uber has created an opportunity for taxi drivers in New York City.

When I left NYC in November for three months the fleet I drive for had so many drivers a driver could come to shape up and wait two hours only to be told that there was no car for him and to come back tomorrow.

In order to avoid that unpleasantness I opted for another - a commitment to work six nights a week, which allowed me to come to the garage at five p.m. knowing that I will work regardless of how many other drivers had been there since three. At my age this was becoming quite trying.

When I returned to my garage in February the situation had turned because several of the drivers took a payoff from Uber and left. Now I work a more humane pace, as I.had planned to do, only expecting to be sent home one or two nights a week. Well, that's not the case now. My garage has a good location, otherwise I'd switch. Hmmm maybe I will switch to get those bonuses then come "home"....

If I could freeze frame the Uber situation I'd benefit. I'd have to adopt the attitude of our elected officials and stop worrying about a few pedestrians getting killed by app distracted Uber drivers who are exempt from State and TLC safety standards....