Sunday, May 24, 2015

Venezuela defense chief: We fired at cocaine plane and notified Colombia.

According to Venezuelan Defence Minister Padrino Lopez  the cocaine. laden small atircraft that crashed into Colombian waters on a trajectory from Venezuela had been fired upon and hit by a Venezuelan defense forces plane last Wednesday.

Venezuelan authorities notified Colombia that the plane was headed to Colombian airspace. The plane had originated in Central America, and had been loaded up with the cocaine at a remote makeshift airstrip inside Venezuela. Venezuela has a lengthy border with Colombia characterized as remote, of mountainous terrain with heavy forest cover. Colombia, is a US aligned country and is where 300 tons of cocaine were harvested last year. Venezuela has no commercial scale cocaine farming but is used as a transit point by Colombian drug gangs. Millions of Colombians live in Venezuela.

The United States, whose Drug Enforcement Administration agents were recently said by the US Justice Department to have been provided with prostitutes paid for by Colombian drug gangs, is now "investigating" several leaders of Venezuela's government for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Clearly the cocaine at question originated in Colombia, where corrupt US DEA agents have been supervising "anti drug" activities while enjoying the company of prostitutes paid for by Colombian drug gangs over the past few years.
You can't make this stuff up.

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