Sunday, May 24, 2015

#Uber terms and conditions leave customers really screwed if something happens to you

Keep the following in mind: Uber account passwords are for sale on the internet at a buck a pop. Uber takes no responsibility. If your driver doesn't have proper insurance and he gets you hurt or killed Uber will deny all responsibility and fight you or your survivors in court. Their business plan revolves around being a cultish fad and constantly going to Wall Street for fresh injections of cash. As a privately held company their finances are not subject to outside audit. Ride at your own risk, invest knowing it's a murky Ponzi Scheme.(edit 05/11/2015)

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  1. While Uber requires its drivers to have $1 million of liability insurance coverage, which is higher than many cab companies, it's unclear if this would cover incidents like a driver attacking a passenger.

    Jack W,
    Jagadeesh Kumar