Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How much do (stupid) Ubered drivers make? And yellow taxi drivers?

Sorry I come across as harsh on Uber drivers but Damn! They can be so stupid (or irresponsible.)
Here's an Uber driver who goes by the handle of Lagmonkey crowing about his "earnings" $595 in "less than 38 hours" okay, let's do the math:
$595.16/37.58 = $15.83 per hour. Not too bad for a low skill job, one might think. Except for the fact that Lagmonkey hasn't factored in the costs of Uber's takeout of $162.56 okay Lagmonkey is left with $432.60, or $11.51 an hour. But wait. Lagmonkey is a businessman. He owns, maintains and insures a commercial vehicle, right? Yes, out of his earnings of $432 per week. An Uber driver who goes by the handle "Jizzwagon" (you can't make this stuff up) tries to reason with Lagmonkey to no avail. Lagmonkey is crowing about an email he got from Uber.
"Uber sent me an email saying I was a top Partner
#MiniVanGetstheBitchesExcited " You can't make this stuff up!

Uber has not yet disrupted yellow taxi driver daily earnings. On the same website non Uber drivers are able to participate in threads. An obviously seasoned yellow taxi driver uploaded his earnings report for the day. He grossed $180 in cash fares from 15 trips. (Cash tips are not displayed.) That's an average of $12 per cash ride. Cash tips tend to be lower than credit card tips. I'll estimate an average of 12%. He grossed $202 in cash. He grossed $230.86 credit card receipts from 11 trips, two of them to JFK airport. He left Kennedy empty both times. His credit card tips averaged at 18.7%. Every credit card passenger but one tipped something, a four dollar ride. He grossed  $431.00. His lease would  be approximately $118.00. Gas, $20, MTA tax $11.00, Accessibility fee $6.60  tolls $10.66, Sales tax $4.77. Likely he tips the garage DISPATCHER $5.00. He tips the gas pump operator $1.00. He tipped thegarage cashier $2.00 and he paid the hotel doormen $20 (ten each) for the two Kennedy fares. He is left with $248.00, a lucky and skilled driver, for 12 hours from the time he was given the key to the taxi until he turned it in.

FYI I don't match this guy. I am older, my reflexes are slower and I take a nap around 1:00 in the morning till 1:45 am.

I think it's clear that Uber passengers and Uber share in shameless exploitation of mentally and emotionally challenged individuals.


  1. It's good to shed light on the real numbers. Thanks, Eugene.

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