Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#Ubered Grand theft #Uber. How Travis Kalanick and friends ripped off the intellectual property of the true pioneer of e hail apps.And why I can't shed a tear.

Kevin Halpern has a case against Travis Kalanick, it seems Travis and friends ripped off his ideas. Why do I not give a tinkers damn?
Apparently Halpern pioneered the e hail app, then confided in Kalanick and friends, who proceeded to rip off Halpern's intellectual property. Sounds like he should sue the S.O.B.'s, and so he is.
Supposedly the app has introduced a cheap, new and better way for people to get around, and incidentally for people to make themselves some money by driving, while they "disrupt" the livelihoods of other people. Halpern says that he invented the thing and has been cheated. What he's been cheated out of is an opportunity to super exploit financially desperate unsophisticated people while putting public safety at risk.
Uber drivers often don't take in enough money to properly maintain their own cars. Operating an automobile as a business requires you to take in 57.5 cents per mile on the road. Not per mile with customers, this is the cost of driving from a drop - off to an area where the next fare can be found.

For many Uber X drivers the fixed costs are higher than the government declared 57.5 cents per mile because the driver is paying off a car loan, arranged by Uber with a usurious interest rate of 22%! The driver must make his payment or have the car repossessed and credit further destroyed. What happens is the UberX driver becomes an indentured slave. This is at the heart of the "innovative and disruptive" New Big Thing. Not only taxi drivers are targets of the "innovative solutions" (deception and servitude) . Public transportation is in the bullseye too. Recently Uber have rides from.the clubs and fancy restaurants of New York's meatpacking district to the mostly white and well off hipster enclaves of Brooklyn, where Black and Hispanic people of modest means once predominated, at the price of a bus or subway ride. There's no such offer in the low-rent Bronx. Public Transportation advocates and unions need to start paying attention to the threat.

Due to rampant insurance fraud coupled with casual police investigation practices the true numbers of people
 and property damage and death caused by distracted Uber drivers can't be known, but many Uber drivers themselves will admit that they must be app distracted drivers in order to be Uber drivers.
#Ubered #Ubered #Ubered
"Over my time driving for Uber, I find looking at my phone while I'm actually driving - something I almost never do - to be an essential part of success,...
Emily Guendelsberger, senior staff writer at Philadelphia City Paper and undercover Uber driver.

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  1. After the existance of E-Hail app, the Uber drivers get many offers from the customers. They fix a charge from the pickup point to drop point (i.e), by distance.They pay their loans to the government if there is any damage caused to the car.

    John Nolan,