Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why I am for Bernie Sanders but I keep criticizing him.

Bernie Sanders campaign operatives call cops on pro Palestinian students in Boston.

That's pretty bad stuff. Fortunately Sanders' campaign has said that the action by the operatives was an error. Presumably then, supporters of Palestine will be able to carry signs and give out literature at Bernie Sanders' campaign events.

The world is in a terrible bind, and a major reason is that the United States population supports, either passively or actively, the notion that the United States is "Exceptional" and has the right, even the duty, to tell the world how it needs to behave.

"We" twist arms of other countries to get them to do what "we" need them to do.

One cannot participate in real politics in the United States opposing this consensus. One cannot take office in the United States without pledging allegiance to the Constitution that was written by slave holders and merchants connected to slavery. 

So really what needs to happen is a breakout from this consensus. Otherwise the United States will continue trying to rule the world, and stupidly at that.

Bernie Sanders is inside the consensus, as close to the edge as he can be while remaining inside.What his heart of hearts tells him is not mine to guess. There is a long tradition of "Socialists" who support imperialist wars. What we have though is a presidential candidate who is credibly in the race who says that diplomacy is preferable to war, and while the headline says he supports Obama in Syria the subtext is he is opposed to a US imposed "No Fly Zone" that Hillary Clinton advocates and that would push an open confrontation with Russia not too unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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