Thursday, October 8, 2015

#Uber wars New York City Third Update Thursday, October 8, 2015

One thing you can count on is that Travis Kalanick, boss of Uber, doesn't cancel or postpone his war against taxis, buses, the automobile industry and just about anyone who works for a living. So the New York taxi driver march is set for last week got canceled, but then reset.That's good. Truly I don't think it will change things much.

The new taxi app called Arro has been on the road for a few weeks. Honestly I don't think it's going to change much either. It's set up better for safety than Uber and than the old dead app called Hailo that completely failed. I knew it would fail.Taxi apps like Hailo create danger to the public Arro is not nearly as bad, but I just don't think apps and New York Yellows mix.

Still we should be fighting Uber / Goldman Sachs


That is good for yellow taxi drivers and green too. Even if only a small number of Uber X drivers strike it will mean a little less competition on those days. And if they make any progress in forcing Uber to give them more money it will be good for everyone who drives for a living.

There is a free app that shows us where Uber will probably charge extra for its rides. The public hates it when Uber raises its fares and Uber drivers need these raises, because the ordinary fare after all the expenses leaves them with not much to put aside to take care of their cars and replace them when they are all worn out. 

Sherpa Share Heat Map

We can use this map. It tells us where there is probably more business. It's free from Google Play and i Store and it's easy to use the map.

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