Monday, October 19, 2015

Uber drivers pull off first nationwide strike with no organization almost no money and against expectations.

This weekend Uber drivers threw down the gauntlet.

Travis Kalanick and his backers, venture capitalists hedge fund managers and the world economy wrecking crew at Goldman Sachs are planning their next move.

One guy named Abe Hussein saw that the time was ripe. He pushed and put up his own few thousand dollars to force Uber's exploitation of it's drivers into the world's consciousness. No one expected Uber drivers to respond but the impact was highly visible.

A great first effort !

Heat maps show no Uber cars available.

New York Hilton Hotel. Last week it looked like Uberville.  This weekend it was Taxi Town.

This story is about resistance to an oligarch - fascist leviathan  that smashes down legitimate government and rule of law. Uber, clearly conceived in the mind of a naziphile, is an ideological movement of oligarchs that mobilizes middle class people like its customer base and middle class part time drivers to beat down the living standard of transport workers and ultimately all workers. 
It uses mob mobilization tactics to  intimidate duly elected officials worldwide.  These oligarch - fascists have underestimated their own drivers. 

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