Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Uber and "freedom of choice". In reply to a tweet from a selfish bastard.

 @EWeixel How about respecting freedom of choice and letting consumers pick the ride that they want?

 Aaron, honestly could you set me straight here? 

Here's freeloader Aaron Tao speaking up for "freedom of choice. " I call Aaron a feeloading conscience - free cheapskate because he understands the issues surrounding Uber and he chooses to take advantage of the situation.  In most jurisdictions Uber completely evades fees associated with the ground transportation business. It encourages insurance fraud. It resists having its drivers drug screened and FBI fingerprinted. Perhaps Aaron, you are fully equipped and capable of defending yourself in the physical sense.

Unfortunately many people who seek what would appear to be publicly regulated ground transportation (but isn't in fact) are not as fortunate as you, Aaron are. How about freedon of fully informed choice? That passengers know that the driver is insured correctly or not? What about free choice for pedestrians and other third parties who might be maimed or even killed by app distracted and effectively uninsured Uber drivers? Where is their free choice, Aaron? Are you advocating that people not willing to brave this possibility stay inside their homes?

And then there is the issue of transportation for wheelchair and walker bound passengers. Uber says that it's an app and not a taxi company, and so no regulator can force it to carry cripples. Fine, Aaron doesn't appear to be a cripple. So if Uber actually wipes out taxi businesses in any given jurisdiction, it's no skin off of Aaron's nose, and we know that the universe is here to serve Aaron.

Uber recruits drivers through immoral and unethical bait - and switch tactics that ought to be illegal if indeed they aren't. Drivers may have signed up to Uber and taken on the responsibility of a high interest auto loan or lease only to see their fares reduced and Uber's take out increased. Tough luck, right Aaron? Problem is, Aaron, that some of these desperadoes are going to continue pushing their un maintained wrecks until someone gets hurt or killed. Tough noogies, right Aaron?


  1. Hey Eugene, can you pls have a proof read , maybe shorten a little too fit a screenshot , so I can repost this .... a lot

  2. You're right Stephen. I've tidied up this article and hope it's acceptable.