Monday, October 5, 2015

Venezuela does a 180 ° on Colombian Deportees.

I've got to say that I have been feeling extra stupid for being had by the official Venezuelan story of its deportations  of around 1500 Colombians awhile back.
Two Venezuelan soldiers and a Venzuelan civilian had been shot by Colombian paramilitaries while the Venezuelans had been engaged in an anti smuggling operation near the Colombian border. It's beyond argument that there was and is a serious problem for Venezuela's policy of providing cheap subsidized food, toiletries, medicines and gasoline to its people. Subsidized goods were and are being diverted and resold for higher prices  in Venezuela and lots in Colombia too. Venezuelans contend with standing in long lines as they try to find milk, chicken,  medicine and famously toilet paper. Drivers slept in their cars and trucks while waiting to get gasoline - this happening in oil producing regions of the oil exporting nation.
So President Nicolas Maduro decided to take strong action. He closed busy border crossings. He ordered deportations supplementing his recently initiated crackdown on violent crime.

The narrative went like this: Over a thousand Colombian illegal residents were deported on a lawful case - by - case basis from the squatter settlement located a stone's throw away from the Colombian border known as La Invasion. 

Venzuelan authorities had uncovered a dungeon where kidnapped victims were held for ransom, a brothel staffed with underage girls, and other evidence of massive lawlessness.

So, being sympathetic to Venezuela and its travails and being no friend of Venezuela's right wing US backed opposition, I blogged about it and I defended the deportations. Imagine my surprise,  chagrin, and embarrassment when I read in Venezuela Analysis that the deported Colombians are coming back, courtesy of the same government that had deported them and said such nasty things about them. Yes, they're coming back to apply for legal residency in Venezuela. 😠😲🙉🙈🙊

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