Thursday, September 17, 2015

Uber wars New York City End of Summer Report

Most Summers it's a bit harder driving a taxi. Affluent Manhattanites are out of town. The kids at NYU and Columbia  are gone. If the dollar  is strong,  like it's  been awhile then foreign tourists are not filling the  gap . It's tough for the liveries  too so lots of them turn to poaching street hails whether they're affiliates of Uber or ABC.

New taxi drivers and  taxi drivers  who like to  see  the  end of the world always  seem to be  found by Daily News  reporters doing their  taxi human interest  piece for August. A perfect  storm for  complaints  about  Uber. Daily News  reporters  Nolan Hicks  and Dan Rivoli got the story this year.

There's no  doubt that  yellow  cab receipts are down but so is the number of  yellow  taxis  on the  prowl. First some drivers went to Green cabs. Second some went to Uber  and third, some took off to visit their native  lands. It happens  every summer.  So yellow  taxi receipts  are down,  but spread among fewer taxi drivers. Fewer cabbies chasing  fares mean fewer fares.

Lawrence  Meyers pointed out some rusty spots on Uber' s shiny suit of PR armor, namely that Uber appears to be tapped out. Out of of the highly touted number of 20,0000 Ubers on the road in New York City only around 3000 are actually working at any given time. Of course Uber/ Goldman Sachs is a threat to all transportation workers on earth today. I wouldn't be happy if I were not fighting  Uber.


Goobers live on surge prices.  The straight up Uber fare just doesn't support a Goober  and a car. One way to starve a Goober is to be where Uber is demanding surge prices.Uber customers  often will cancel a priceyGoober if there's an empty cheaper taxi who reaches them first.

Sherpa Share has an app that shows where the  demand for  Uber  is greater than the  supply of GOOBERS. These heat zones are the best place to be for finding a fare. This is no guarantee, but where the map is red, Uber passengers will pay extra, sometimes a whole lot extra. As a bonus you could be taking a fare away from Uber and helping starve a Goober. 


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