Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Some of the petty fxcking aggravations of driving for.a yellow taxi fleet.

  As you can see this dashboard is lit  up like a Christmas tree. I was given this taxi when it only had the "Check Hybrid System " light light on light on and light on and the gas Guage at around 3/4 full. Now were it only the hybrid light I'd have let it be and expect to lose a few bucks to extra gas. But with a quarter of a tank already gone I thought I would try to defend myself this time. Now this laid a few tasks out before me:
1- Get a mechanic to fix the problem of the check hybrid light. I spent a few minutes getting one of the mechanics to work on that, i.e. hook up the computer to the car.
 2- Meanwhile I go back to the office push my way back to the front of the dispatcher's line and get his consent to a "gas check. " 
3-While I am doing that the hybrid light is being reset. That gets done now.
4- I take the car back to the gas line, convince the gas pump guy that I'm doing an authorized gas check and not trying to jump the line.
5- Pull the car over to walk back to the office to push through the line again to.give the gas slip to.the dispatcher. Immediately the yard boss starts yelling at me to get the car out of the lot.
6 - Finally I can head out to find my fortune. 
After eight hours on the road the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree. 

Merry flippin' Christmas in September the car refuses to go into "Drive."
7- Call garage. Convince dispatcher that I need assistance. 
8- One hour and a half later the tow truck arrives with a replacement car. This is a post Uber reform.
9- Go home with my $110.00

Now I have demonstrated that I am not a taxi moguls ' flack. Uber NY is now renting cars out by the week to drivers. I doubt they'll put more into maintenance and repair than the fleets. Probably less. What do you think? 

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