Friday, September 18, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders : Hugo Chavez Never Was A Dictator.

Dear Bernie Sanders please do not spread bullshit about Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. What convinced me to  support your campaign was the  fact that  you were the first to boycott Netanyahu ' s speech to Congress.  Netanyahu came to  Washington  to dishonestly and in league with.outright racists undermine the  first United States President who isn't a  white  man and to campaign  for a United States  war on Iran.

Your stance then took courage and was on the side of peace.
Americans are too easily film flammed into supporting aggressive wars against " dictators " of weaker countries. By claiming that  Chavez  was a dictator  you are spreading  confusion and  indirectly  threatening  the people of  Venezuela,  who voted for Chavez time after time in clean elections that would be envied in Florida and Ohio.

There may be a lot  to criticize  about Hugo Chavez,  whose kind heart led him to send heating  fuel to poor Vermonters.

Hugo Chavez  never was a dictator. Venezuela  never has constituted a threat to the American people.

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