Friday, September 25, 2015

After Yom Kippur the New York Philharmonic Brings In The Big Apple's New Year
Yesterday was New York City 's annual "back to normal " day. Imagine the Philharmonic opening before Yom Kippur 
I listened and loved it on WQXR.
Thursday night was rocking night all over NYC for taxi drivers. Even me. Although I lost an hour to a car breakdown and a $28.00 fare to an unfortunate schizophrenic passenger I didn't do too badly. Drivers who had no special drama killed it. My Sherpa Share heat map showed zero uberheat all night.

I'm going to popularize Share with NewYork taxi drivers and we'll kick the shit out of Uber and its underpaid fascist shock troop Goobers. 

So let's cast our bread upon the waters and anticipate good things from God.

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