Friday, September 18, 2015

New York Taxis vs. Uber - Anthony Noto Gets It All Wrong.

No, he's not the Anthony  Noto who's Chief Financial Officer  at Twitter. He's a reporter for New York Business Journal.  He actually  was reporting about a report in the New York Daily News.  The big error and misinformation  is that across the  board, New York City cabbies  have lost nine percent of their  income  to Uber.

The fact is that the  taxi business  across the  board has lost receipts,  but there are fewer taxi drivers who are working.  Making it simple : If ten taxi drivers in a hundred driver fleet don't show up to work one day and together make 90 percent of  what 100 drivers would have made then the individual drivers lost nothing overall.

Some yellow taxi drivers  went to Green cabs, and  some went to Uber. Some took two weeks off for the summer, went on extended family vacations  in their home countries.
Chart illustrates how many Uber cars were working  in New York City  and how many and how many fares they  picked up. With an alleged 20,0000 cars, not 14,000 as reported by  Noto, they have 3000 actually working on average.

Summertime  is often the  slowest time for taxi drivers. Well to do New Yorkers are out of town, if not for the  summer  at least several  weeks and weekends.  This summer  the strong dollar  weakened the tourist  trade. Things get back to normal  after the  Jewish  High Holy Days.

Here's a  message to the  taxi bosses and Arro, the new taxi app. Uber spends millions on promotions and advertising.  Just showcasing the new app on Taxi TV will not do the trick. Remember HAILO. 

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