Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Uber in chains

The managers of Uber for France, Thibault Simphal,  and for Western Europe,   Pierre-Dimitri-Gore-Coty, were arrested on Monday and held for questioning by Paris police. Police decided that there are grounds for placing criminal charges against the Uber executives. They will be standing trial in a French criminal court this September 30, as things stand today. Charges include deceptive business practices, complicity in operating an illegal taxi service and concealment of evidence. Last week Francois Hollande said that Uber Pop must be banned from France and its cars seized.

Meanwhile twenty-three Uber drivers are facing up to a year in jail for operating illegally in the one percenter summer resort town of East Hampton, Long Island. The town doesn't savor the challenge of Uber drivers sleeping in cars, relieving themselves, bathing and dressing who knows where and occupying precious parking spaces to boot. The town has strict rules for taxi services that require a taxi to be associated with an address in the town. Uber drivers were encouraged to disregard the rules, thinking only of the sky high fares they could collect from vacationing multi - millionaires and celebrities. Mainly futureless paupers, the Uber drivers are likely high-fiving each other, since the jail not only will provide each driver with a bed and three meals a day, but also medical care, which Uber doesn't provide to its employees when they aren't locked up.

Underlings in Uber low wage cult are facing the lock up for Uberguru Travis Kalanick.

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