Monday, June 1, 2015

Black shirt economics - how Uber drivers scam themselves.

Travis Kalanick reminds me of the fictional character Don Circunstanza from Ignazio Silone's 1930 anti-fascist novel Fontamara . To make a very long story short Circunstanza is a fascist lawyer who convinced a village of illterate peasants to accept a three quarters - three quarters split of the village's water with a rich fascist big shot. Fascist economics depend on the disempowerment and ignorance of the common people.

The symbolic color of fascism has historically been black, black shirts in particular. Here black shirted Uber drivers are demanding special privileges for Uber in New York City.

Here is a days  income of a per shift New York City yellow taxi driver. Ask him how much money he made that day and he'd give you an answer after subtracting his costs. Uber drivers typically would quote the gross figure, ignoring the fact that they have costs operating and maintaining a car, at least 47¢ a mile. To my mind they have a three quarters - three quarters split with Travis Kalanick.

The original Black Shirt fascists.

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