Monday, June 8, 2015

I don't like Rudolph Giuliani

Giuliani gets exposed as fraud by NYFD fighters.

Something bizarre happened to me Sunday night. I was taxi driving and I took my   customary nap around midnight. I always sleep well, like a dead man, during my mid shift nap. Last week in fact one of the drivers from my garage saw me asleep in the taxi on 24th Street near Madison Square Park. He tells me that he stopped, and tried to wake me up. I don't remember a damned thing of that. I was "dead to the world."

Last night was different. I dreamt I was in a physical conflict with 911 pimp Rudolph Giuliani. In the dream I was being attacked by Rudolph Giuliani and I grabbed a broom stick and tried to brain the SOB who.kept rushing me. Suddenly in the dream the broom stick vanished, as things sometimes dreams. I swung a right hook that connected with the steering wheel in the real world car I was sitting in. It hurt me a bit and woke me up. That's the story.

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