Wednesday, June 10, 2015

France fighting Uber. What I like about French traditions.
I'm not going to say that the French and their traditions are impeccable, but within their culture are a strong sense of justice and the dignity of labor. You see this where the police proudly go after Uber drivers in the unapologetic cause of French taxi drivers, and their right to earn decent pay for a decent number of hours worked. They know that the secret of Uber and its success is cheap labor, also known as scab labor. Because not everyone is on the same page regarding the dignity of labor there is direct action against Uber, by drivers and the government.

While I'm talking about the dignity of labor, I'm going to say something shocking - that I agree ( theoretically) with the predominant French disdain for the American custom of tipping people like me for doing our jobs. I'm not pleased with getting stiffed, and I agree with the slogan "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" meaning that French visitors to my city ought to put aside their well founded dislike of tipping people and conduct themselves in accordance with our ways of doing things.

But deep down I don't like depending on anyone's good will for my income. It's believed that the custom of tipping leads to "job well done." I'm not sure about that. I have the sense that some people are good tippers and some aren't, and that in only extreme circumstances does that change.

Anyway, French traditions favor well paid workers who aren't worked to death or required to kiss tush to get paid. I like that.

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